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Aesyra SA Announces Closing of First Financing Round to Develop AesyBite™, a novel Dental Product that Monitors and Actively Reduces Bruxism

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Aesyra SA is a private company based in Lausanne (Switzerland) that is developing a medical device able to accurately monitor and relieve sleep bruxism (nocturne teeth grinding), a highly prevalent condition without therapy that has negative impact on patient’s life and is associated with serious sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. The company has already secured the IP, developed prototypes and obtained clinical data.

Marco Letizia (CEO) commented: “We are very pleased to have secured the first funding from VitaTech that will allow to pursue the industrialization, the clinical validation and the commercialization of our technology. Having Dr. Paolo Orsatti joining our board will significantly strengthen our team thanks to his leadership and experience into the MedTech industry.”

Paolo Orsatti (Director VitaTech) added: “We are convinced that Aesyra solution has a very large potential because it addresses an unmet medical need, it can positively impact the quality of life of the patients and potentially prevent other sleep disorders. We are delighted of our fund’s second investment in Aesyra that fits perfectly into VitaTech’s strategy to invest in companies positioned at the convergence of Healthcare and Technology”.

About Aesyra
Aesyra is a MedTech company developing next generation solutions for the monitoring and treatment of sleep diseases. The technology developed by the company has several applications in dentistry and sleep medicine at various stages of development, all of which offer significant partnering opportunities. The company works in close collaboration with medical experts from the Clinique Universitaire de Médecine Dentaire de Genève (CUMD) and the top-ranked opinion leaders in bruxism, dental implantology and sleep medicine. Aesyra is a spin-off of the Laboratory of Life Sciences Electronics (Prof. Carlotta Guiducci) at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).
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About VitaTech SA
VitaTech invests in European early stage and growth-phase high-tech companies positioned at the convergence of healthcare and technology. VitaTech is funded by the Zambon Family and by other European ultra-high-net-worth private investors and family offices.

Aesyra SA
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