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FTSE Italia All-Share-0.09%-
FTSE Italia Mid Cap-0.48%-
FTSE Italia STAR-0.68%-
FTSE MIB0.04%+


ValuteValueTrend +/-
Dollaro USA1.1692-
Lira sterlina0.9189+
Franco svizzero1.0773+
Dollaro australiano1.6439+
Dollaro canadese1.5594-
Dollaro di Hong Kong9.0614-


Everyone's contribution needed says Francis

Don't just listen to pharmaceutical companies on COVID - Pope

Pope Francis warned leaders against consulting only pharmaceutical companies as they seek to find solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pope prays for Don Roberto Malgesini after 'martyrdom'

Pope Francis pays tribute to priest who was stabbed to death

Pope Francis on Wednesday paid tribute to Don Roberto Malgesini, a priest who was stabbed to death by a homeless foreign national with mental-health problems in Como on Tuesday.

Some taking advantage of situation to sow division says Francis

Too many partisan interests on COVID vaccine - Pope

There are too many partisan interests in the search for a COVID vaccine, Pope Francis said Wednesday. "We can only emerge from the crisis if we seek the common good together," Francis said.

Time for solidarity Francis says in message to Cernobbio session

Post-COVID green and creative, look to young - pope

Pope Francis sent a message to the opening day of the Forum Ambrosetti at Villa d'Este at Cernobbio Friday calling for an ecological conversion of the world economy, by creating new and original paths for the common good, and investing in new generations w...

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