Soccer: 3rd-tier match ends 20-0

TopNews. A third-tier soccer match ended up 20-0 as the losing side fielded just seven teenage academy players amid financial woes - and was expelled from the League on Monday.

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Pedophilia victims to talk to pontiff before meeting on minors

Abuse victims to demand zero tolerance from pope

An association representing the victims of sexual abuse by members of the clergy said Wednesday that they will demand Pope Francis has zero tolerance for pedophiles in a encounter with him before a three-day meeting in the Vatican on the protection of minors.

Francis stresses that defects must be reported

Friends of Devil spend life accusing Church - pope

Francis stresses that defects must be reported.

Bombs dropped like sweets says Francis at Casa Santa Marta

Weak pay the cost of war - Pope

The weak pay the cost of war, Pope Francis said at a Mass in the Vatican on Tuesday.

At 'Free From Fear' meeting

Pope Francis sports 'open ports' brooch

Pope Francis on Sunday sported a brooch saying "let's open the ports" to migrants. The pope donned the brooch for a meeting with migrant reception operators dubbed 'Free From Fear'.

Universiade 2019


Universiade:Lotti says event crown jewel

Former sport minister says government believed in event


Universiade: Meeting in Caserta

On Thursday, convened by Mayor Marino


Universiade:New look for Caserta stadium

Will host men's water polo