Soccer: Arsenal fete Napoli win, say 'GUNNORRAH'

TopNews. Arsenal on Friday feted their Europa League quarterfinal win over Napoli under the slogan 'GUNNORRAH', a combination of the Gunners and Gomorrah, the Camorra mafia hit book, film and TV series.


Soccer: Serie B to use VAR from playoffs

TopNews. Serie B announced Wednesday that the second-tier of Italian soccer will use VARs (Video assistant referees) as off this season's promotion playoffs and relegation playouts ahead of the system's introduction on an experimental basis next term.


Sporting prosecutor probes Kessiè, Bakayoko shirt gesture

TopNews. Italian Soccer Federation (FIGC) prosecutors have opened a probe in the way two AC Milan players used a shirt given to them by Lazio's Francesco Acerbi as a sort of trophy after their 1-0 win over the Rome side at the San Siro at the weekend, ANSA sources ...

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At weekly general audience

Pope Francis lets 5 kids onto popemobile

Pope Francis on Wednesday let five children onto his popemobile as he arrived in St Peter's Square for his weekly general audience. Some 12,000 faithful attended the audience in a sunny but cool day.

New initiative in Fridays of Mercy series

Pope in surprise visit to Alzheimer patients in Rome

Pope Francis paid a surprise visit to Alzheimer patients in Rome on Friday. The pontiff made an unscheduled trip to the Alzheimer's centre in one of his impromptu Fridays of Mercy initiatives.

First step in wider aid plan says Vatican

Pope Francis sends 100,000 euros to Iran flood victims

Pope Francis on Friday sent some 100,000 euros to the victims of floods in Iran to meet their immediate needs. The Vatican said it was just the first step in a wider aid plan.

Must be responsible towards people

Peace is possible Pope tells South Sudan leaders

Peace is possible, Pope Francis told South Sudan leaders in the Vatican on Thursday. Speaking after their spiritual retreat, Francis said "dear brothers and sisters, peace is possible.

Universiade 2019

Universiade: 68 work sites

Huge boost for tourism, torch message of peace for 170 nations


Universiade inauguration to be party

Show good image of Naples and Campania to world, says governor


Universiade:siren Partenope named mascot

Two-tailed and with multicolored braids