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IndiceValueTrend +/-
FTSE Italia All-Share Index-1.77%-
FTSE Italia Mid Cap Index-0.78%-
FTSE Italia STAR Index-1.14%-
FTSE MIB Index-1.93%-


ValuteValueTrend +/-
Dollaro USA1.1898-
Lira sterlina0.8579+
Franco svizzero1.0941+
Dollaro australiano1.5832+
Dollaro canadese1.4721+
Dollaro di Hong Kong9.2379-


Avoid profit-seeking, nationalism and blind consumerism

Aim for humane work conditions after pandemic - Pope

Pope Francis on Thursday called for "a new future of work based on decent and dignified working conditions, stemming from collective bargaining and promoting the common good, work that is humane" when economies rebuild after the COVID pandemic.

Rider gives pontiff bike and jersey 'for all Colombians'

Pope Francis meets Giro winner Bernal after general audience

Pope Francis met recent Giro d'Italia winner Egan Bernal of Colombia after his weekly general audience on Wednesday. Bernal gave the pope his bicycle and the winner's pink jersey saying "it was a special meeting to give him a present from all Colombians".

Unscrupulous finance sets poverty traps, says for World Poor Day

Help jobless amid pandemic poverty says Pope

Pope Francis on Monday urged authorities to help the jobless saying poverty had got much worse during the COVID pandemic.

Munich archbishop Reinhard Marx offered to quit over sex abuse

Pope declines resignation of Germany's top cardinal

Pope Francis on Thursday declined the resignation of Germany's top cardinal, Munich archbishop Reinhard Marx, who last week proferred his resignation saying more responsibility should be taken for clerical sex abuse.

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