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La notizia, la storia, l’approfondimento. Indipendente, tempestiva, completa, affidabile. Dal 1945. I nostri valori:

  • Indipendenza
  • Tempestività
  • Completezza
  • Affidabilità

Our Numbers

The no. 1 Agency in Italy, one of the top ranking in the world.

  • 3700 news
  • 1700 photo
  • 60 video...

Where We Are

ANSA is the only agency present with its own offices in the entire country and the rest of the world:

  • 73 offices on 5 continents


26 publishers of 46 major Italian newspapers:

  • La Repubblica
  • Il Corriere della Sera
  • La Stampa...

Our Products

Our offer is modular to respond to demands from all kinds of customers:

  • News
  • Web And Mobile
  • Editorial Projects
  • Archives