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    • 20:34
    • 21 Oct

    Germany: Bundesbank, we may have entered recession

    GDP may have decreased again in the third quarter
    • 18:47
    • 21 Oct

    Montenegro PM, wrapping up Brexit is positive

    Deal should not have negative impact on our negotiations with EU
    • 17:53
    • 21 Oct

    Outcry in Ukraine over song mocking ex-central bank chief

    Fun of a recent arson attack on the home of Valeria Gontareva
    • 15:54
    • 21 Oct

    Estonia EU country with the lowest gov't debt to GDP ratio

    Low levels also in Bulgaria, Czechia, Lithuania
    • 10:47
    • 21 Oct

    North Macedonia leaders agree on April 12 election date

    PM asked election after EU's failure to start membership talks
    • 17:13
    • 19 Oct

    North Macedonia PM Zaev calls for early election, blasts EU

    Date to be discussed at Sunday meeting with Head of State
    • 16:20
    • 19 Oct

    Russia PM Medvedev watches army show in Balkan ally Serbia

    Visit illustrates close relations between Moscow and Belgrade
    • 14:17
    • 18 Oct

    Chinese snooping tech spreads to nations vulnerable to abuse

    Concerns about the privacy also in Serbia
    • 11:32
    • 18 Oct

    EU: PM Conte, historical mistake with Albania and Macedonia

    'I am very close' to the two Balkan countries
    • 10:21
    • 18 Oct

    No agreement among EU leaders on launching membership talks

    French President Macron opposing enlargement until Union reforms
    • 20:39
    • 17 Oct

    Von der Leyen doesn't see positive signals for Tirana-Skopje

    'I'm very sorry, both countries have made enormous efforts'
    • 18:20
    • 17 Oct

    ANSA/ Geologists warn, Krsko not suitable for NPPs

    Seismic hazard in the area is too high, they say
    • 14:36
    • 17 Oct

    Slovenia: Krsko, the only NPP in former Yugoslavia

    Co-owned by Ljubljana and Zagreb, never serious incidents
    • 14:13
    • 17 Oct

    Slovenia: NEK, Krsko capable to resist strong earthquakes

    Several safety features to be upgraded by 2021
    • 14:08
    • 17 Oct

    Slovenia: Geologist to ANSA, M7 maximum earthquake in Krsko

    When plant was built no accurate seismic risk assessment
    • 14:01
    • 17 Oct

    Slovenia: Expert to ANSA, Krsko not suitable for NPPs

    Area could be prone to strong earthquakes