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    • 18:56
    • 20 Mar

    EU says Karadzic verdict closes a tragic page of history

    Spokesperson warns away that revisionism goes against EU values
    • 17:38
    • 20 Mar

    Balkans: labour market improves but at a slower pace

    In Kosovo highest unemployment rate in the region, 29%
    • 15:49
    • 20 Mar

    UN court increases Karadzic's sentence to life imprisonment

    40-year sentence too little for 'scale and cruelty of crimes'
    • 19:43
    • 19 Mar

    Final verdict looms for ex-Bosnian Serb leader Karadzic

    Ratko Mladic is also awaiting an appeal judgement
    • 19:52
    • 13 Mar

    EU criticizes Bosnia's backing of Chinese power loan

    Hahn says it raises questions on Sarajevo respect for EU rules
    • 16:26
    • 13 Mar

    Migrants: Amnesty, Croatia rejects allegations of violence

    Interior minister, police protect borders in compliance with law
    • 12:19
    • 13 Mar

    Migrants: Amnesty, EU complicit in violence in the Balkans

    Chain pushbacks also from Italy and Slovenia, NGO said
    • 17:47
    • 04 Mar

    Bosnia:questionnaire for EU membership submitted to Brussels

    Commission will give an opinion. Hahn, Sarajevo's job starts now
    • 19:08
    • 01 Mar

    Bosnia: 27th anniversary of independence, ethnic divisions

    Public holiday in Croatian-Muslim entity, not among the Serbs
    • 11:07
    • 01 Mar

    Bosnia: agreement on Belgrade-Sarajevo highway route reached

    Map will be sent soon to Turkey, which supports the project
    • 13:37
    • 22 Feb

    Kosovo: imports from Serbia, Bosnia dropped by 120 mln

    After the introduction of 100% tariffs three months ago
    • 19:18
    • 21 Feb

    EU backs financial package for W.Balkans 'green' transition

    30mln euros for energy efficiency,2mln to counter climate change
    • 09:37
    • 21 Feb

    Migrants: Bosnia, concern over 70,000 about to leave Greece

    In Bihac and Sarajevo, migrants suspected of ties to terrorism