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    • 12:27
    • 03 Oct

    Balkans: Vucic and Pahor guests at the Visegrad Group summit

    Meeting today in Prague
    • 11:58
    • 03 Oct

    Estonia: country best in East Europe in corruption control

    Slovenia ranks second, according to World Bank study
    • 17:23
    • 30 Sep

    Czechia: CEZ to focus on small modular nuclear reactors

    Prague sees new technology as 'future of nuclear energy'
    • 17:42
    • 17 Sep

    E.ON: EU gave the green light to the takeover of Innogy

    Teyssen, group will be more innovative and protect climate
    • 20:45
    • 11 Sep

    Czech leader wants to revoke Kosovo's recognition

    Idea was dismissed by the country's foreign minister
    • 20:29
    • 11 Sep

    Czechia: companies struggle with severe labour shortage

    More than 350,000 vacancies, highest figure ever
    • 19:59
    • 10 Sep

    Central-East Europe awarded significant posts in Commission

    Dombrovskis from Latvia one of the Executive Vice-Presidents