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Plan B, 3rd lawsuit against Varoufakis at Parliament

Greek Supreme Court Prosecutor Efterpi Koutzamani issued a new lawsuit against the former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis for his involvement in a five-membered group of close associates eyeing a plan for Greece's exit from the eurozone, known as Plan B.

Ukraine bans Depardieu for 5 years

Depardieu in 2013 took Russian citizenship in a bid to escape high taxes in his native France. He has recently attracted the anger of Ukrainian authorities by supporting Russia's annexation of Crimea last year.

Poland's richest businessman Jan Kulczyk dies suddenly at 65

Kulczyk Holding says that its founder and president, Jan Kulczyk, Poland's richest businessman, has died from complications after surgery. He was 65. TVN24 said he died in Vienna.

Europe's largest Jewish sporting event opens in Berlin

The fourteenth edition of the European Jewish games Makkabi has opened in Berlin, Germany. Until August 5th over 2300 athletes from 38 countries will compete for 166 medals in 19 different sports.

In Poland, largest global gathering of Citroen 2CV

Six days in the name of the Citroen 2CV. From yesterday until August 2nd, fans of the car are coming to Toru, Poland, for the 21st global gathering dedicated to one of the car the longest history, produced from 1948 to 1990.


West 'sacrificed' Srebrenica to ensure peace at any price

Observer's revelations shed new light on 1995 events

Auschwitz volunteer Pilecki, garden named after him in Italy

He went there to witness horror. First naming outside Poland

Legal limbo police beatings of migrants facing Balkans' hell

Amnesty Int. report reveals brutality along Balkan route

Russia vetoes Security Council proposal on MH17 tribunal

Downing killed all 298 people on board

Putin, Russia will oppose international tribunal for MH17

For Moscow 'a lot of questions' open about investigation

Brussels to Croatia, do not withdraw from arbitration

Vice president Timmermans, in a letter to Deputy Premier Pusic

Italy-Romania: Olivero, you can be the granay of Europe

National Day at Expo with Zgonea, president of Deputies Chamber

Poland's richest businessman Jan Kulczyk dies suddenly at 65

Reputed for his courage and imagination in business decisions

Volkswagen sold more vehicles than Toyota in first half

World leader as sold 5.04 million vehicles from January to June

Czech Republic, nanotechnology for clean water

Bird-shaped statue at Expo purifier made up of biopolymers

Croatia, north Adriatic LNG terminal is 'strategic'

Construction planned on the island of Krk, worth 1 billion euro

Chernobyl, forest fire in exclusion zone still active

Fears of radiation spread at long distances

OECD, Koper-Divaca's cost unsustainable

Survey on cost, estimated at 1.4 billion for a 30 km railway

Astaldi, new road contract in Poland

Works amount equal to eur 242 million

High speed train, no EU funding for Koper-Divaca line

Slovenia government didn't manage to find a private partner

Transfagarasan Speed, a Ferrari at the foot of Carpathians

In Romania, to win a record driving a ‘458 Italia’

Chernobyl, in 2015 over 50 fires in the exclusion zone

Kiev, 70% are the result of arson

In Poland, largest global gathering of Citroen 2CV

Expected about 7,000 cars and 20,000 participants

Health: ICGEB DNA Tumour Virus Meeting in Trieste

Co-financed by CEI Cooperation Fund

Heavy storms in Poland kill 1 person, damage 800 homes

Winds knocked down trees and electricity lines

Italy-Serbia:we need more collaboration in science & hi-tech

Premier Vucic met with AREA Science Park and Microcredit Agency