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Poland, prostitution and drugs included in GDP

This decision, which was announced by GUS, the Central Statistical Office of Poland, was made on the basis of the EU's directive that establishes the adoption of a new calculation system, called ESA 2010, by next September.

Croatia deficit grows, 4.9% of GDP

In 2013 the public deficit was in Croatia 4.9% of GDP (2.13 billion euro), whereas public debt has skyrocketed, touching 67.1% of Croatian GDP, that is 29 billion euros

Vucic officially appointed as Serbia prime minister

Aleksandar Vucic, conservative leader, president of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and winner of the general election on March 16, was officially assigned the task of forming the new government by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic

Defence, in June in Slovenia exercising 'Clever Ferret'

The exercise of the Multinational Land Force (MLF), multinational unit based in Udine, will be held from June 23 to July 5, and it will involve 1,500 soldiers from Italy, Slovenia and Hungary.

Podgorica and Rome boost investment in the energy sector

Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs meets Montenegro's Minister of Foreign Affairs

''Italy - Luksic said speaking at the Institute of International Affairs - is the first investor in our country and we are ready to strengthen our economic cooperation in the framework of the strategic partnership agreement signed on February 6, 2010''.


Lamberto Zannier

OSCE across the board to avoid civil war in Ukraine

Big deployment of observers and mission, Zannier says
A man holding a Soviet era red flag salutes in front of the parliament building after the end of the referendum in Simferopol (Crimea).

The moves of Vladimir and Yulia in the game of Ukraine

Russia looks at the history and snubs the West
Janusz Piechocinski

Polish Minister, competitiveness not depend on wages

Piechocinski: let's unite and cooperate in Eurasia

Ukraine : Lavrov, EU-US masterminded revolution

While fighting continues, Gazprom claims an extra $ 11.3 bln

Russia will respond to Ukraine crisis 'like in Georgia'

Foreign Minister Lavrov accuses US of 'running the show'

Defence, in June in Slovenia exercising 'Clever Ferret'

Committed 1,500 soldiers of MLF (Italy, Slovenia and Hungary)

Slovenia: earthquake, no problem at NPP Krško

Management: normal operation and no action required

Hungary, retail trade volume grows in February

Statistical Office: increasing trend, by 6.7%

Poland, prostitution and drugs included in GDP

Illegal activities in national accounts by September

Slovenia: earthquake, no problem at NPP Krško

Management: normal operation and no action required

Tap re-launches procurement process for pipeline

Decision was made after revising strategy and roadmap

Green economy keeps growing in Austria

In 2012, turnover up 8.2% and employment up +1.1%

Air Serbia announced flight Belgrade-Warsaw

Connection restored after a 15-year interruption

Balkans, Thessaloniki-Belgrade-Sofia trains are back

Canceled in 2011, they will be restored in May

Nato re-opens Kosovo upper airspace for civilian overflights

Shorter routes for 180,000 flights in the Western Balkans

Post-modern architect Hans Hollein dies in Vienna

He was among the protagonists in post-modern architecture

Romania, Ceausescu's residence soon for sale

Conducator's luxury villa, management is too expensive

Cenils bridges science and industry in Central Europe

Workshop on innovative light sources held in Trieste

Rcc adopts 2014 Wbc Action Plan for Research and Development

Crucial for implementation of See 2020 Strategy

Cei Cooperation Fund, 0,5 million funding provided in 2013

57 projects co-financed in 13 countries