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Fuele, the EU does not ask Serbia to recognize Pristina

"We said very clearly that what we expect is going on with the normalisation of relations between Serbia and Kosovo", Fuele said after meeting with Serbia's prime minister Aleksandar Vucic

Slovenia-Croatia have highest GDP/debt ratio in New Europe

According to data released by Eurostat, at the end of the second quarter of 2014, Estonia was the EU country with the lowest government debt to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio with around 2 bln euros of debt equaling to 10,5% of GDP

Russian oil giant Rosneft asks for Eur 38 mld State loan

The figure, anticipated in recent weeks by the media, was made official after the energy minister, Alekesandr Novak, supported the request and passed it to the ministry of economic development, which now has 20 days to examine it

Germany key partner for Ukraine, Kerry says

USSecretary of State John Kerry in Berlin

"Russian aggression must end," he concluded, while stressing that the "Minsk protocol should be respected"

EIB issues Eur 100 mln loan to Hungary for SMEs

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has issued a 100 million euros loan to the Hungarian Development Bank (MFB). According to a note published by EIB, the funds are destined to finance small and medium investments and infrastructure projects executed by SMEs and public sector


Poland in EU since 2004: economic boom, stronger influence

Gdp doubled despite the crisis, 2 million new jobs

Kosovo full of contradictions, but ready to the future

Former Eulex President, risk of Islamist drift must be avoided

Ship fired first shots of WWI, now abandoned on the Danube

"Bodrog" beached on the shore in the outskirts of Belgrade

Over 4,6 mln unable to vote at Ukraine elections, NGOs warn

Poroshenko-Klitschko favorites with 30-34%

Fuele, the EU does not ask Serbia to recognize Pristina

Outgoing enlargement commissioner met with Vucic

Vaclav Klaus, in the EU need for systemic change

I do not approve Putin, but I do not accept lies

Ebrd, focus on innovation for economic recovery New Europe

Berglof suggested 'macroeconomic stability'

EBRD approves Eur 200 mln loan for Serbian banking sector

Aimed at protecting deposits, attracting investments

German manufacturing, surprising growth, PMI at 51.8

Services sector drops to 54.8 but continues to expand

Russia to redirect oil exports from Latvian to own ports

Ports of Ventspils, Riga at stake. Decision in November

EBRD to support Kosovo energy development with Eur 30mln

For improving electricity network reliability

Austria: scented toilets on board local trains

New OeBB project to make local transport more comfortable

Romania and Bulgaria planning 2 bridges across the Danube

Bucharest gave the green light to feasibility study

From December no trains to Moscow from Sofia and Budapest

Decision mainly due to drop in passenger traffic

US's TVN1 lands in the Balkans

CNN's partner, headquarters in Sarajevo, Zagreb, Belgrade

Serbia-Albania soccer incident 'premeditated', Vucic says

Serbian Prime Minister:'EU officials warned hours before match'

'CEI Praise' to promote R&I in Central Eastern Europe

Ministerial meeting with participants from 18 countries conclude