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Firenze, State of the union In Florence, photos from ANSA, 'Women on the march'

Migranti: a Firenze la mostra foto ANSA 'Donne in marcia'

More than 30 large images chosen among the most significant photos belonging to ANSA, a news agency that - thanks to its journalists and photographers - has always reported what happens between the Middle East and Europe, the south shore and the north shore of the Mediterranean Sea, the Syrian border and the European boundaries

Migrants, CEI:Policy dialogue on Balkan route,EU enlargement

The event was organised in cooperation with Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso (OBC) and the DG on European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations. The meeting will offer an opportunity for discussion about the state of the EU enlargement proces

Hungary: war within Hungary's far-right Jobbik party

Hungarian media talk about the struggle between radicals and popular nationalists. Vona has changed his strategy, aiming to turn Jobbik into a popular moderate party, in order to defeat the ruling party Fidesz, led by Viktor Orban, ''neck deep in corruption''

Kosovo: EU visas to be abolished, Mogherini in Pristina

"I'm going to Pristina in order to celebrate and continue working on European integration''

Germany, composite PMI falls to 53.6 points

The final reading - by Markit Economics - reported the lowest level since May 2015, while confirming the expansion of business. Even the service sector fell to 54.5 points from 55.1 in March


Serbia, social realism of Belgrade as seen by Mirko Nahmijas

A view on brutalist architecture of Tito's Yugoslavia

Books: sinkholes, Istria, and war told by Indian writer

Laila Wadia engaged in a difficult but exciting story

The Return of the Eastern Wind

New World Balances on the European Eastern Borders

Europe: card. Dziwisz, if we cut roots, tree will die

'We fight to safeguard Christian moral values'

Jubilee: card. Dziwisz, WYD Krakow 2016 in the name of peace

"Do not be afraid". Over 2 million from 180 countries

Jubilee: WYD Krakow, 1,000 volunteers, 2 million pilgrims

Headquarters: work in progress, waiting for July

Germany, composite PMI falls to 53.6 points

April, Final reading. Services index fell to 54.5

Poland, growth outlook positive with 3.7% expected in 2016

spring forecast EU Commission, general deficit set to increase

EU Commission forecast, Croatia and Slovenia set to growth

respectively +2.3% GDP and +2.1% GDP in 2017

Nuclear: Slovenia, Croatia, Krsko Plant active until 2043

Agreement reached between owners, Slovenian Gen and Croatian Hep

Iran interested in nuclear cooperation with Czech Republic

Also Slovakia.Head of Aeoi to visit Prague, Bratislava next week

Etched in their mind: Ukraine marks 30 years since Chernobyl

Poroshenko, we honor who lost health and require attention

Hundreds of flights canceled in Germany amid strikes

Nearly 400 flights at Frankfurt airport

Albania, Tirana airport to be managed by Chinese group

Concession to China Everbright until 2027

Slovenia, airport passengers number up by +10% in 2015

Over 1.4 million total, most popular Germany and Great Britain

Germany, cannabis from NHS for seriously ill people

Government passes law, it will come into force by spring 2017

Climate: CO2 in EU increased by 0.7%, highest in Slovakia

major decreases in Malta, Estonia, Denmark, Finland and Greece

Serbia, opposition protest in Belgrade

Against what they claim was vote rigging in the country