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Latvia, number of births up since 2011, but population drops

During the first six months of the year, a 2% increase in the number of births has been registered, with a total of 10,943 newborns (224 more than last year)

Croatian court overturns 1946 verdict against cardinal

Stepinac is considered a hero by many Croats but is accused by Serbs and Jews of sympathizing with the Ustasha authorities that orchestrated the killings of tens of thousands in Croatian concentration camps

Romania, private sector salaries +10%

In the first six months of the year, the benefits rose by 16% - both regular ones in form of lunch vouchers and medical insurance, and occasional bonuses

Greece to lower voting age, adopt proportional system

In a vote ending early Friday, lawmakers scrapped election law provisions that handed the winning party a generous 50-seat bonus in the 300-member parliament

Hungary, new anti-migration campaign sets off

With the approaching of the national referendum on the EU mandatory migrant quotas - set for October - a new anti-migrant campaign started 


Music: the Czech Republic, land of festivals

Bohemia Jazz Fest and Prague Swing Me, colourful mix of genres

Treaty on Poland-Germany friendship, 25th anniversary

Meeting on the future of EU integration at Italian embassy

Serbia, social realism of Belgrade as seen by Mirko Nahmijas

A view on brutalist architecture of Tito's Yugoslavia

Munich: Merkel vows 'everything possible' for security

Attacks involved "places where any of us could have been"

Terror in Munich, a German-Iranian kills 9 people

He fired into crowd in a shopping center and committed suicide

Bulgaria and Austria were brought before EU Court of justice

Cases: bird protection and safeguard of ski instructors

Romania, private sector salaries +10%

Mostly in sectors with minimum wage

Croatia, Ibm opens innovation centre in Zagreb

As of spring 2017, 500 new jobs

Macedonia, new car parts production plant in Prilep

Eur 20 mln investment, 2,000 new jobs

Gas:'Baltic Connector' given green light by EU member states

Between Estonia and Finland, EU contribution is worth 187.5m

Montenegro, contract signed for Trans-Balcan energy corridor

Connected to Montenegro-Italy underwater cable

Energy: Romania-Bulgaria gas pipeline by end of year

Announced by Romanian energy ministry

Latvia, number of births up since 2011, but population drops

+2% compared to 2015. But natural increase rate still negative

Over 212,000 Romanians moved to Germany in 2015

Most numerous group after syrians

Hungary, Uber stops operating due to new law

Budapest allows only taxi service with traditional dispatching

EU: innovation, Latvia grows, Romania was still ranked last

Germany among 'leaders' in Europe, Slovenia regional excellence

Romania, 10% of GDP from IT sector over next years

Anis, '3% from the software market and services'