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Germany, Poland and Italy main exporters to Eastern partners

Among the EU Member States, Germany and Poland, followed by Italy, in 2014 were by far the largest exporters to the Eastern partner countries.

Amnesty says torture of Ukraine war prisoners is rife

Amnesty International says both warring sides in eastern Ukraine are almost daily perpetrating war crimes, including torture and summary killings of prisoners.

Dombrovskis,largest assistance to a non EU country

The Macro-Financial Assistance Programme for Ukraine, amounting up to 1.8 billion euros, added to the previous ones of 1.61 billion euros, "is the largest Macro-Financial Assistance Programme which has ever been committed to a non-EU country.

Energy: Moldova and Romania sign a memorandum

The selected investment projects will ensure the diversification of gas and power supply sources, as well as the increase of the number of alternate suppliers

Riga Summit: EU confirms eastern policy, but tones down

Europe ''has to work'' with Moscow on the negotiations over Iran's nuclear programme and over the UN Security Council resolution calling on states to take part in the anti-smuggling mission in the Mediterranean Sea


Lamberto Zannier

Ukraine, Osce studying military component

Zannier, deep crisis European security. Launched use of drones

After Kumanovo, growing fears for Macedonia's stability

In the former Yugoslav Republic political crisis deepens
The Slovenian minister of Foreign Affairs, Karl Erjavec

Erjavec: after the crisis Slovenia on the way to full recovery

Still to solve issues related to minority in Italy

Dombrovskis,largest assistance to a non EU country

The Memorandum foresees key economic and governance reform

EU, Ukraine sign $2 billion loan deal at Eastern Partnership

Agreement requires Ukraine to adopt a series of reforms

Germany, Poland and Italy main exporters to Eastern partners

Italy first importer, 25% of EU total from the six countries

Slovenia, merger between Banka Celje and Abanka

New banking hub, the second largest in the country

Greece can't repay IMF without deal, official says

Official, 'we will pay wages and pensions, not creditors'

Energy: Moldova and Romania sign a memorandum

Implementation of gas and power networks between two countries

Russia urges EU to support gas pipeline crossing Turkey

The US has been encouraging the Trans-Adriatic pipeline

US encourages Greece to stick to non-Russia pipeline project

Talks between Washington and Athens on gas

German train drivers end strike

To take a labor dispute to arbitration

Transport: Pordenone Intermodal Terminal, 8 mln investment

First train will enter service by next summer

Harbours: Seehofer (Bavaria), Trieste nearer than Hamburg

By the end of 2015 deal with FVG to develop the harbour

Polish brown bear crosses borders, highway, seeking mate

Walking through Slovakia to Hungary, Iwo returned to Poland

Greece: state doctors, nurses and hospitals on strike today

Over the dramatic condition of the country's healthcare system

Vienna's gay-themed traffic signals to stay permanently

Right wing party will lodge a criminal complaint

Fincantieri and University of Rijeka, agreement on education

First foreign institution to take part in the company's network

Trieste-Prague, Tartini musicians, great success in Prague

Conservatory students in Rai recording studios