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    • 12:36
    • 17 Aug

    Poland and Bulgaria least expensive EU countries for meat

    Low prices also in Albania and Macedonia
    • 10:03
    • 16 Aug

    Industry: up production in Romania and Czech Republic

    Strong growth month-on-month in Croatia
    • 19:53
    • 02 Aug

    ENEA: first map of natural ecosystems in Central Europe

    Woods and rivers over 100m hectare area cover 60% of territory
    • 13:43
    • 21 Jul

    Poland: 2019, year of Herling, writer who escaped from gulag

    Decision made by the parliament
    • 14:58
    • 20 Jul

    In Estonia the lowest government debt in the EU in 2018

    Low levels also in Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia and Czech Republic
    • 11:03
    • 20 Jul

    Agriculture: higher share of young farm managers in Austria

    Percentages above the EU average also in Poland and Slovakia
    • 16:04
    • 18 Jul

    I'll see Conte but he hasn't got solution, said Czech PM

    'We will be the ones who decide comes to our country'
    • 15:29
    • 18 Jul

    Poland: industrial production accelerates in June

    Drivers are energy sector, construction, automotive