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    • 13:56
    • 22 Feb

    EU court: Poland has violated EU air quality laws

    Government launched a program limiting the use of coal
    • 16:10
    • 16 Feb

    Polish Premier, willing to amend Shoah law

    Some parts could be more precise
    • 19:26
    • 15 Feb

    Western Balkans: EU countries disagree on EU strategy

    Bulgaria and Hungary urged to speed up the process
    • 19:13
    • 12 Feb

    High-level meeting on the European Battery Alliance

    Belgium Eu commission meeting of battery
    • 13:14
    • 07 Feb

    European Parliament dismisses its Polish vice president

    Called a rival member woman a "Nazi collaborator"
    • 17:20
    • 06 Feb

    Poland: Shoah law, Embassy in Rome, dismay

    'New law has not been correctly interpreted'
    • 15:51
    • 06 Feb

    Poland: Duda will sign Shoah law, but sends to court

    President, Poles should not be accused of participation
    • 19:50
    • 05 Feb

    The other "resistance", 600,000 Italians who said 'no'

    Events in Krakow focusing on military internees in Poland
    • 18:05
    • 02 Feb

    Polish PM: Holocaust bill needed, but timing wasn't good

    We should better explained intentions to the world
    • 13:31
    • 01 Feb

    Poland: Senate passed Holocaust law, Israel protests

    Minister Gallant, 'a case of Shoah denial'
    • 20:00
    • 30 Jan

    Austria chancellor backs Visegrad nations on migrant quotas

    Orban, free travel zone only if 'radical' external protection
    • 22:31
    • 29 Jan

    Poland: Deputy Min., Shoah, we defend our good reputation

    'Complicity of some citizens, but nation is not responsible'
    • 16:08
    • 26 Jan

    Kaczynski says Poland won't back down in standoff with EU

    Eu denounced Polish laws giving the ruling party greater power
    • 12:06
    • 24 Jan

    Remembrance day: Pilecki volunteer to Auschwitz, 3 events

    Meetings in Rome, Cesena and Vignola, focus on Polish hero