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    • 19:43
    • 07 Dec

    COP24, Poland's air is the most polluted in the EU

    Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, president of Polish Supreme Audit Office
    • 19:13
    • 06 Dec

    Strong increase in air passenger transport in CEE region

    Among leading countries Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia
    • 20:50
    • 04 Dec

    Food: Romanians spend proportionally the most in the EU

    High share also in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary
    • 12:42
    • 04 Dec

    Agreement on EU anti-dumping regulations on road transport

    But rift with Eastern countries, accusing of protectionism
    • 09:37
    • 04 Dec

    Polish leader, Nation is never giving up on coal

    President Duda, it is a 'strategic fossil fuel'
    • 18:59
    • 03 Dec

    Health: Romania investing the least in the EU

    Low share of GDP also in Baltic States and Poland
    • 16:40
    • 03 Dec

    Climate: Guterres (UN), it’s a ‘life or death’

    In Katowice, Poland, international summit on global warming
    • 12:55
    • 03 Dec

    CEI: Croatian presidency summit in Zagreb

    Focus on security, migration, EU enlargement, technologies
    • 14:03
    • 02 Dec

    Cinema: CiakPolska film festival kicked off in Rome

    6th edition with a preview of 'Cold War' by Pawlikowski
    • 20:46
    • 01 Dec

    Thousands march in Germany to demand quick exit from coal

    flags with slogans like "Stop Coal!"
    • 20:29
    • 30 Nov

    Croatia: government to raise minimum salary to 404 euro

    Measure will impact around 37,000 people
    • 14:01
    • 30 Nov

    In CEE area unemployment still lower than at EU level

    Strong decrease was registered in Croatia year-on-year
    • 11:34
    • 27 Nov

    Energy: Poland, govt works on reducing CO2 emissions

    Drafted plan to bring down coal to 30%, focus on nuclear energy
    • 15:41
    • 23 Nov

    Transports: road freight increase in certain CEE countries

    Poland with highest share in the EU, 18%
    • 10:32
    • 22 Nov

    TV: low penetration of ‘smart’ equipment in CEE

    At the bottom of the rank Romania, Greece and Poland
    • 15:47
    • 20 Nov

    Construction: strong production increase in Hungary,Slovenia

    Decreases y-o-y in Bulgaria and Romania