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    • 14:10
    • 15 Aug

    Melbourne loses most livable city title to Vienna

    Austrian capital for the first time at top of EIU’s Index
    • 19:53
    • 02 Aug

    ENEA: first map of natural ecosystems in Central Europe

    Woods and rivers over 100m hectare area cover 60% of territory
    • 16:57
    • 30 Jul

    Freight traffic: 82 trucks to Italy blocked at the Brenner

    Austria 'sent them back' pursuant to ban on transit to Germany
    • 16:39
    • 24 Jul

    Migrants: Hungary, stability Balkans key for EU security

    Bosnian route causing tensions in the region
    • 20:37
    • 23 Jul

    Austria double passport 'curious act' - Moavero

    'Before being a hostile act it is a frankly curious act'
    • 11:24
    • 23 Jul

    Austria: Fraccaro, dual-nationality passports, a hostile act

    In touch with foreign minister Moavero
    • 12:58
    • 21 Jul

    Austria: South Tyroleans, turning point for dual passaport

    'Draft ready in early September, but only if Rome agrees'
    • 11:03
    • 20 Jul

    Agriculture: higher share of young farm managers in Austria

    Percentages above the EU average also in Poland and Slovakia
    • 16:50
    • 17 Jul

    Austria won't take any migrants Kurz tells Conte

    Chancellor tuns down invite to take part in redistribution
    • 14:54
    • 16 Jul

    Balkans: Kurz, region key priority for Austria

    Chancellor, negotiations with Turkey should stop