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    • 17:02
    • 01 Apr

    Czech Republic with the lowest unemployment in the EU

    Several Central- and Eastern countries below European average
    • 18:46
    • 29 Mar

    Romania premier lauds benefits of new gas pipeline

    Gas from Black Sea to Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria
    • 11:21
    • 27 Mar

    Austria considers dissolving far-right group amid NZ probe

    Chancellor Kurz, 'no tolerance for dangerous ideologies'
    • 11:52
    • 19 Mar

    Ports: Trieste signs agreements with Austrian railways

    With OBB, RCA, Italian RFI, looking to central-eastern Europe
    • 11:47
    • 19 Mar

    Italy-Austria: OBB, Trieste-Vienna railway line in 2026

    CEO of Austrian railways, two 20km tunnels are ready
    • 17:04
    • 18 Mar

    Ports: Austria invests in Trieste, the trade will grow

    Celebrations for the 3rd centenary of Free Port are underway
    • 15:02
    • 14 Mar

    Russia-Austria: Kremlin, Kneissl met with Putin

    Spokesman, foreign minister had talks with counterpart Lavrov
    • 10:52
    • 11 Mar

    In Trieste, people queue to vote on Maria Theresia statue

    A choice among 5 projects to celebrate the beloved Empress