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    • 18:11
    • 22 Mar

    EU leaders postpone decision on 2050 climate goal to June

    To next summit, in june ahead UN gathering on issue in the fall
    • 19:15
    • 20 Mar

    Weber says Viktor Orban's Fidesz party suspended

    Fidesz previously said it will leave EPP in case of suspension
    • 12:33
    • 20 Mar

    Orban: Juncker, EPP should expel Fidesz

    According to sources, EPP ready to propose a suspension
    • 13:35
    • 18 Mar

    In Bulgaria, Romania youngest mothers in the EU

    First child at around 26 years, in Europe average at 29,1
    • 17:29
    • 15 Mar

    Hungarian PM says his people want new leaders for Europe

    Orban proud of Budapest role in stopping "the migrant invasion"
    • 18:09
    • 14 Mar

    Hungarian PM Orban apologizes for insulting EU allies

    A decision on the expulsion is expected Wednesday
    • 17:31
    • 12 Mar

    Serbia: Gastrans, binding bids for link Bulgaria-Hungary

    Part of the northern branch of TurkStream pipeline
    • 14:57
    • 12 Mar

    13 EU States have 'Silk Road' memorandum - sources

    No in principle objection, look to substance
    • 17:40
    • 10 Mar

    Celebrations 20th anniversary Poland, Hungary, Czech in Nato

    Demontration of military equipment and training
    • 17:22
    • 08 Mar

    Hungarian leader may turn to Polish party in EU Parliament

    Orban to stay if 'room inside it for anti-immigration forces'
    • 17:52
    • 06 Mar

    Hungarian party rejects European conservatives' conditions

    'Defense of Christian values more important than discipline'
    • 19:40
    • 05 Mar

    Hahn says Orban's free to leave, he's against PPE-EU values

    According to EU Commissioner, travelers should not be held back
    • 16:30
    • 04 Mar

    Romanians, Bulgarians living in overcrowded households

    High percentages also in Croatia, Latvia and Hungary
    • 15:54
    • 04 Mar

    Hungary's leader calls EU parliament critics 'useful idiots'

    Discussion over whether Fidesz should remain in EPP intensified
    • 18:52
    • 28 Feb

    Slovakia: Kiska Speaks to NATO Chief

    Talks on security issues during B9 meeting in Kosice
    • 15:55
    • 28 Feb

    EPP set to consider ejecting Orban's Fidesz

    MEP Corazza Bildt, 'He turned his back on our values'