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    • 20:50
    • 04 Dec

    Food: Romanians spend proportionally the most in the EU

    High share also in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary
    • 18:59
    • 03 Dec

    Health: Romania investing the least in the EU

    Low share of GDP also in Baltic States and Poland
    • 12:55
    • 03 Dec

    CEI: Croatian presidency summit in Zagreb

    Focus on security, migration, EU enlargement, technologies
    • 14:01
    • 30 Nov

    In CEE area unemployment still lower than at EU level

    Strong decrease was registered in Croatia year-on-year
    • 20:36
    • 29 Nov

    Slovak minister quits over UN migration pact

    rime Minister Peter Pellegrini welcomed Parliament's move
    • 10:32
    • 22 Nov

    TV: low penetration of ‘smart’ equipment in CEE

    At the bottom of the rank Romania, Greece and Poland
    • 11:31
    • 17 Nov

    Agriculture: in Estonia, Romania strong increase in output

    In 2017 large decreases in Slovenia, stable in Croatia, Slovakia
    • 09:16
    • 09 Nov

    Economy: Central-Eastern Europe still growing fast

    But Commission’s forecasts indicate easing in growth
    • 21:27
    • 06 Nov

    Germany, Austria, Slovakia at top for robot density

    Slovenia also above the Europe average of units installed