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    • 18:40
    • 13 Aug

    Kosovo: Western powers urge to resume dialogue

    'Time has come to end conflicts of the 1990s'
    • 15:51
    • 12 Aug

    In Balkans highest foreign fighter return concentration

    Out of over 1,000 about 460 returned or repatriated
    • 18:52
    • 05 Aug

    Kosovo parliament to disband so early election can be held

    After PM Haradinaj left
    • 19:45
    • 31 Jul

    CEI: Moavero, we need to boost the Forum for cooperation

    Italy supports the EU's enlargement to the Balkans
    • 14:24
    • 26 Jul

    EU-Serbia:Hahn,dialogue with Kosovo important for the region

    Meeting with premier Ana Brnabic
    • 17:31
    • 24 Jul

    Kosovo: former PM Haradinaj interrogated as a suspect

    The hearing took place at the Special Prosecutor's Office
    • 18:42
    • 23 Jul

    Kosovo: PM going to the Hague, tomorrow before the KLA Court

    Haradinaj, we'll lift tariffs only if Serbia recognizes us
    • 15:10
    • 23 Jul

    Kosovo: Thaci on verdict of Justice Court on indepenence

    'Nine years ago our right to self-determination was recognized'
    • 21:28
    • 22 Jul

    Kosovo: premier, early elections within 2 months

    Haradinaj, we'll lift tariffs only if Serbia recognizes Kosovo
    • 12:49
    • 22 Jul

    Kosovo: media, Putin's 'urgent message' to Vucic

    Delivered by the new Russian ambassador to Belgrade
    • 15:07
    • 18 Jul

    Balkans: media, Macron intends to appoint a special envoy

    With an important role in solving the Kosovo crisis
    • 19:21
    • 17 Jul

    Serbia: Nato, Vucic had talks with Supreme Allied Commander

    Security in Kosovo key issue in meeting with General Wolters
    • 14:16
    • 12 Jul

    Tourism: Balkan region top performer for arrivals growth

    Strong expansion in Montenegro, Greece, Slovenia
    • 12:18
    • 09 Jul

    Balkans: 2nd day of the SEECP, closing today in Bosnia

    Attended by Turkish president Erdogan. Kosovo boycotts
    • 15:34
    • 08 Jul

    Balkans: Kosovo and Albania to quit SEECP summit in Sarajevo

    Kosovo,'the invitation is humiliating'. Solidarity from Albania
    • 19:42
    • 05 Jul

    EU backs 180 million for energy and transports in W.Balkans

    Measures for digital,SMEs,environment announced at Poznan summit