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Latest news

    • 17:45
    • 15 Oct

    Kosovo: almost 100 doctors left in three months

    Health care union, urgent measures to stop phenomenon
    • 12:23
    • 10 Oct

    Serbia: survey, 44% against 'separation' from Kosovo

    Poll confirms strong support for president Vucic’s party
    • 18:23
    • 08 Oct

    EU mission to the W.Balkans to speed up roaming charges cuts

    Commissioner for Digital Gabriel in Montenegro-Kosovo till 10/12
    • 19:03
    • 04 Oct

    Balkans: World Bank, growth up in 2018 but still fragile

    Public investment boosts economies, reforms needed
    • 18:57
    • 04 Oct

    Juncker says W.Balkans to be unsafe if EU accession fails

    EU President assures Europe isn't careless on region's future
    • 15:50
    • 01 Oct

    Kosovo: Thaci, I don't ask for permits, I go wherever I want

    President on protests in Belgrade, 'freedom of movement'
    • 18:43
    • 29 Sep

    Serbia alerts forces after Kosovar police deploy

    Special police moved into area around the side of Gazivode lake
    • 19:54
    • 27 Sep

    EU asks W.Balkans work on reforms and cooperation for entry

    Mogherini-Hahn met 6 leaders in margins of UN General Assembly
    • 20:18
    • 18 Sep

    EU launches 2mln euros programme for W.Balkans' journalists

    Hahn says media are key for reconciliations and EU perspective
    • 16:51
    • 17 Sep

    EU Commissioner Hahn asks for media freedom in W.Balkans

    'EU accession at stake'. Media Days ongoing in Skopje
    • 16:55
    • 12 Sep

    Juncker calls on EU to be clear towards W. Balkans accession

    'Or others will shape our neighbours' future', he said
    • 15:20
    • 10 Sep

    EU says to Vucic there's no room to praise past policies

    Serbia's President referred to Milosevic
    • 14:38
    • 07 Sep

    Mogherini says difficulties stay in Belgrade-Pristina talks

    EU High Rep held just bilateral meetings. Next round in 10 days
    • 11:36
    • 07 Sep

    New round of talks Belgrade-Pristina ongoing in Brussels

    Mogherini welcomed President Vucic and President Thaci
    • 20:11
    • 05 Sep

    EP supports Kosovo and Serbia deal to unlock EU doors

    EU lawmakers says talks are difficult but key for the future
    • 18:25
    • 05 Sep

    Nile virus: 975 cases in Europe, 3 times the figure in 2017

    Disease control centers, Italy ranked first for human infections