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    • 18:20
    • 17 Oct

    ANSA/ Geologists warn, Krsko not suitable for NPPs

    Seismic hazard in the area is too high, they say
    • 14:36
    • 17 Oct

    Slovenia: Krsko, the only NPP in former Yugoslavia

    Co-owned by Ljubljana and Zagreb, never serious incidents
    • 14:13
    • 17 Oct

    Slovenia: NEK, Krsko capable to resist strong earthquakes

    Several safety features to be upgraded by 2021
    • 14:08
    • 17 Oct

    Slovenia: Geologist to ANSA, M7 maximum earthquake in Krsko

    When plant was built no accurate seismic risk assessment
    • 14:01
    • 17 Oct

    Slovenia: Expert to ANSA, Krsko not suitable for NPPs

    Area could be prone to strong earthquakes
    • 13:55
    • 28 Sep

    Bosnians protest Croatian plans for nuclear waste facility

    Croatia to decide whether to build storage or to pay Slovenian
    • 17:47
    • 25 Sep

    Energy: third aeolian park MK Fintel Wind opens in Serbia

    Joint venture Italy-Serbia. Amb.Lo Cascio,fruitful collaboration
    • 13:15
    • 24 Sep

    Snam: MoU with Omv for sustainable mobility in Austria

    The goal is to explore LNG opportunities in the transport sector
    • 13:14
    • 21 Sep

    Serbia: largest wind farm opened in the north

    From EBRD a 49-million-euro support
    • 14:07
    • 20 Sep

    German government nears deal on major climate policy package

    Dpa, agreed to put a price on transportation and heating fuels
    • 19:54
    • 18 Sep

    EU pushes progress in Russia and Ukraine gas talks

    Moscow and Kiev's Ministers tomorrow in Brussels for a 3rd round
    • 14:06
    • 18 Sep

    Bulgaria: towards extension of Kozloduy unit 6 license

    Two reactors still operative at the nuclear power plant