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    • 10:49
    • 23 mag

    Hamburg bans old diesel vehicles by the end of the month

    Ban on two road sections, for cars and trucks
    • 13:19
    • 21 May

    Sofia, EU's blockade on gas from Russia must be revised

    Radev, security of energy supply is very important
    • 11:26
    • 19 May

    Energy: new powerline between Romania, Serbia inaugurated

    Between Resita and Pancevo, EUR 17 mln investment
    • 15:36
    • 17 May

    Bulgaria, gov't proposes re-start of Belene nuclear plant

    PM, China's National Nuclear Corporation expressed interest
    • 15:50
    • 13 May

    Serbia: NIS searching for oil, gas in Vojvodina

    In an area of 720 square kilometers in the North
    • 19:01
    • 12 May

    Bulgaria: China's CNNC confirms interest in Belene project

    Sofia is searching for a strategic investor in NPP
    • 19:19
    • 07 May

    Romania: report, USD 26 bln to budget from Black Sea gas

    Deloitte, country could become independent from Russia
    • 16:00
    • 04 May

    Climate: more CO2 emissions in Estonia, Bulgaria, Hungary

    Increases above EU average also in Romania and Poland
    • 13:00
    • 24 Apr

    CO2 emissions from petrol cars outnumber diesel in Europe

    ACEA-EEA, this is the outcome of new market trends