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    • 15:36
    • 25 Feb

    Coronavirus: Gorlier, FCA, no interruption in production

    Rescheduled activities resumed in Serbia
    • 10:08
    • 25 Feb

    Balkans: leaders in London for EBRD summit

    Focus on investments, 'mini-Schengen'
    • 13:34
    • 24 Feb

    Balkans: Thessaloniki, summit on the European perspective

    'Enlargement guarantees the EU's peace and stability'
    • 17:20
    • 20 Feb

    Transport: Italian rail CEO in Brussels to strength network

    New development initiatives in the Balkans
    • 17:30
    • 19 Feb

    Kosovo: US envoy denies land swap plan

    Grenell, 'Fake news'. 'I am focused on economy, not politics'
    • 17:03
    • 17 Feb

    Kosovo celebrates 12th anniversary of independence

    Thaci, freed from Serbia's occupation and repression
    • 17:22
    • 14 Feb

    Coronavirus: FCA may shut Serbia plant

    Due to a lack of parts imported from China
    • 14:27
    • 14 Feb

    Balkan leaders to meet Michel and von der Leyen in Brussels

    Conference on post-earthquake aid Albania on Monday
    • 18:59
    • 13 Feb

    Bosnian Serbs threaten to block central government

    Another blow to Bosnia's weak joint institutions
    • 14:34
    • 13 Feb

    Balkans: Guerini, they remain a priority for us

    Italy's commitment to KFOR continues. Bulgaria is key partner
    • 20:48
    • 11 Feb

    ESOF2020: Trieste is again a bridge between East and West

    Eastern European countries play a key role in the event
    • 18:19
    • 11 Feb

    Fedriga, FVG useful to the EU for relations with the Balkans

    On his debut as a member of the EU Committee of the Regions
    • 13:37
    • 10 Feb

    Balkans: Di Maio on a mission today and tomorrow

    Foreign Minister in Serbia, North Macedonia and Kosovo
    • 15:50
    • 07 Feb

    Hungary reopens protest-hit border post with Serbia

    Police say there has been a sharp rise in irregular entries
    • 14:52
    • 07 Feb

    Balkans: informal summit in Brussels on February 16

    Leaders 6 countries meet with EU Council President Michel
    • 17:28
    • 05 Feb

    EU to propose tougher, reversible entry process

    The plan will be seen as an attempt to placate France