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    • 17:15
    • 22 Feb

    Latvia: President meets in Germany chancellor Merkel

    Vejonis, 'We share an active political dialogue'
    • 17:31
    • 13 Feb

    Energy: renewables, many CEE countries reached their targets

    Among them Bulgaria, Czechia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania
    • 12:00
    • 08 Feb

    EU forecast, Slovakia with one of strongest growth in 2019

    CEE will continue to expand, but with gradual slowdown
    • 14:38
    • 23 Jan

    Tourism: overnights up in Latvia, Lithuania, Balkans

    Good results also in Poland, stable in Greece
    • 14:12
    • 15 Jan

    Poverty: pensioners at risk in Baltic states and Bulgaria

    Risk below average in Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia
    • 11:20
    • 11 Jan

    R&D: EU, Slovenian companies play lead role in spending

    According to Eurostat. Investment remains low in eastern Europe
    • 09:52
    • 11 Jan

    In Poland highest use of alternative car fuels in the EU

    In Hungary petrol fuel cars predominant
    • 16:52
    • 02 Jan

    In CEE highest expenditure in EU on alcoholic beverages

    Estonia at top, followed by Latvia and Lithuania
    • 17:59
    • 17 Dec

    Romania: digital economy could grow to 20% of GDP by 2025

    Most realistic scenario 12%, 18-billion-euro value in six years
    • 14:30
    • 15 Dec

    Labour costs growing strongly in Central- and Eastern Europe

    Romania leading with +13.9%, followed by Baltic countries
    • 20:25
    • 12 Dec

    Still low GDP spent for social protection in parts of CEE

    At the bottom of the rank in EU Romania, Latvia and Lithuania
    • 20:50
    • 04 Dec

    Food: Romanians spend proportionally the most in the EU

    High share also in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary
    • 12:42
    • 04 Dec

    Agreement on EU anti-dumping regulations on road transport

    But rift with Eastern countries, accusing of protectionism
    • 18:59
    • 03 Dec

    Health: Romania investing the least in the EU

    Low share of GDP also in Baltic States and Poland
    • 14:01
    • 30 Nov

    In CEE area unemployment still lower than at EU level

    Strong decrease was registered in Croatia year-on-year
    • 16:11
    • 27 Nov

    Many in CEE unable to cope with unexpected expenses

    But large decreases registered in Hungary and Slovenia