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    • 11:31
    • 17 Nov

    Agriculture: in Estonia, Romania strong increase in output

    In 2017 large decreases in Slovenia, stable in Croatia, Slovakia
    • 14:56
    • 30 Oct

    Life expectancy lower in easternmost regions of the EU

    Much higher than average in Spain and Italy
    • 10:10
    • 26 Oct

    Taxes: Estonia, Latvian systems most competitive in OECD

    Competitiveness Index looks at more than 40 variables
    • 18:55
    • 22 Oct

    Eurostat: Estonia EU country with the lowest debt to GDP

    Low ratio also in Bulgaria, in the Czech Republic and Romania
    • 16:28
    • 05 Oct

    House: in Slovenia strongest increase in prices in the EU

    Indexes up also in Hungary and Latvia year-on-year
    • 15:17
    • 17 Sep

    Mobility: Hungary at top for use of bus and coaches

    But few still use trains in some CEE countries