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    • 15:17
    • 17 Sep

    Mobility: Hungary at top for use of bus and coaches

    But few still use trains in some CEE countries
    • 14:58
    • 20 Jul

    In Estonia the lowest government debt in the EU in 2018

    Low levels also in Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia and Czech Republic
    • 11:04
    • 20 Jul

    Agriculture: higher share of young farm managers in Austria

    Percentages above the EU average also in Poland and Slovakia
    • 16:05
    • 08 Jul

    Chinese premier praises EU, says free trade must be upheld

    China and some of 16 signed agreements on economic cooperation
    • 18:21
    • 06 Jul

    Bulgaria: Sofia hosts China-CEE ‘16+1’ summit

    Among topics, investments, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism
    • 13:07
    • 06 Jul

    Mattarella leaving Vilnius, tourists sing Sicilian song

    Back to Rome at the end of the state visit to Baltic countries
    • 16:37
    • 04 Jul

    Migrants: Mattarella, important contribution from Estonia

    Harmony between our countries, trade is growing
    • 16:35
    • 04 Jul

    EU, we follow Brenner issue, waiting for details

    In the even of a decision, consultation and notification