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    • 17:11
    • 18 Oct

    Balkans: WEF, region lags behind for competitiveness

    Slovenia best ranked globally, Bosnia last
    • 14:49
    • 18 Oct

    EU: Zanin, Europe makes sense, only if it is made of Regions

    Speaker of the FVG Regional Council, let's give a voice to areas
    • 16:27
    • 16 Oct

    Poverty: strong decrease of risk in Poland, Romania,Bulgaria

    But Sofia and Bucharest still at the top in Europe
    • 11:52
    • 11 Oct

    EU funds: De Monte, Italy-Slovenia Interreg axis

    We will fight by any means to avoid cuts in cross-border projets
    • 12:41
    • 09 Oct

    University: Trieste, master in robotics to 'mix' skills

    Collaborations with Nova Gorica and Ljubljana (Slo)
    • 16:28
    • 05 Oct

    House: in Slovenia strongest increase in prices in the EU

    Indexes up also in Hungary and Latvia year-on-year
    • 18:57
    • 04 Oct

    Juncker says W.Balkans to be unsafe if EU accession fails

    EU President assures Europe isn't careless on region's future
    • 18:34
    • 04 Oct

    Research: diplomats from Eastern Europe, aiming to cooperate

    Focus on ESOF2020, technological evolution and innovation
    • 09:46
    • 01 Oct

    Rescue exercise at a depth of 900m in Monte Canin cave

    Speleologists from all over Italy and Eastern Europe
    • 21:51
    • 28 Sep

    Slovenia: growth will slow down in 2019, but still high

    Imad institute, +3.7% next year from 4.4.% in 2018
    • 13:29
    • 27 Sep

    FVG-Slovenia: Roberti, new cluster to revitalize valleys

    'Cross-border projects useful to cope with the next EU budget'
    • 13:52
    • 26 Sep

    Health: innovative therapies from Italy and Slovenia

    'Train' and 'Art' projects on display at EuroBioHighTech-Trieste
    • 20:54
    • 18 Sep

    Schools: Sofia, Bucharest most unsatisfied with facilities

    In Ljubljana almost 80% are satisfied