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    • 17:39
    • 14 Nov

    In Slovenia highest rise of agricultural output in EU

    Followed by Romania and Croatia, large decrease in Lithuania
    • 16:18
    • 12 Nov

    ESOF: nuclear and climate, events between Trieste and Krsko

    "Nuclear for climate: opportunities and challenges"
    • 20:08
    • 08 Nov

    Culture Capital 2025: Nova Gorica's and Gorizia's candidacy

    Presented by VG Chamber of commerce with the two mayors
    • 11:35
    • 25 Oct

    Italy-Slovenia: Minister Cerar meets Senator Rojc

    Member of the Slovenian minority representative in Parliament
    • 20:41
    • 22 Oct

    EU considers Croatia-Slovenia dispute as a 'bilateral issue'

    Avramopoulos, Schengen membership criteria equal for all Members
    • 15:54
    • 21 Oct

    Estonia EU country with the lowest gov't debt to GDP ratio

    Low levels also in Bulgaria, Czechia, Lithuania
    • 18:20
    • 17 Oct

    ANSA/ Geologists warn, Krsko not suitable for NPPs

    Seismic hazard in the area is too high, they say
    • 14:36
    • 17 Oct

    Slovenia: Krsko, the only NPP in former Yugoslavia

    Co-owned by Ljubljana and Zagreb, never serious incidents
    • 14:13
    • 17 Oct

    Slovenia: NEK, Krsko capable to resist strong earthquakes

    Several safety features to be upgraded by 2021
    • 14:08
    • 17 Oct

    Slovenia: Geologist to ANSA, M7 maximum earthquake in Krsko

    When plant was built no accurate seismic risk assessment
    • 14:01
    • 17 Oct

    Slovenia: Expert to ANSA, Krsko not suitable for NPPs

    Area could be prone to strong earthquakes
    • 20:19
    • 15 Oct

    EU: 15th Forum in Udine on October 18, focus on the future

    14 countries to take part in the event organized by Mitteleuropa
    • 19:08
    • 15 Oct

    European Labour Authority, unions refer exploitation cases

    'Too many posted workers underpaid and denied basic rights'