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    • 12:08
    • 22 Feb

    Montenegro: Man threw grenade at US Embassy then killed self

    Police sealed off the area after the blasts around midnight
    • 20:57
    • 16 Feb

    The Balkans are not our past, but our future

    Gigi Riva, Sarajevo is ''the centre of the world''
    • 16:38
    • 16 Feb

    EU welcomes Kosovo-Montenegro border agreement signature

    Mogherini says is an encouraging sign and a positive step
    • 13:18
    • 16 Feb

    Mogherini says in 2025 whole W.Balkans' region could join EU

    The horizon date is realistic not only for Serbia and Montenegro
    • 19:26
    • 15 Feb

    Western Balkans: EU countries disagree on EU strategy

    Bulgaria and Hungary urged to speed up the process
    • 17:31
    • 15 Feb

    Balkans: Mogherini, working to strengthen EU prospects

    28 EU states and candidate countries to discuss security issues
    • 17:59
    • 06 Feb

    EU, 2025 is ambitious for Serbia and Montenegro to join in

    New strategy involves 6 W.Balkans, enhanced pre-accession funds
    • 15:55
    • 06 Feb

    W.Balkans:Juncker warns to solve border disputes to join EU

    European Commission President says 2025 is "indicative date"
    • 16:26
    • 05 Feb

    EU strategy to W.Balkans be launched in Strasbourg

    All 6 countries involved. Hahn will visit Belgrade and Podgorica
    • 17:18
    • 31 Jan

    EU denies Spain request to keep Kosovo out of enlargement

    EU spokesperson stress the strategy involves the whole region
    • 11:23
    • 30 Jan

    CC: Presidents of the Western Balkans in Trieste

    To implement regional economic area plan and CEFTA