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Giulio Enrico Anselmi President
Giulio Enrico Anselmi

Giulio Anselmi is the President of ANSA since April 2009.
He was born in Valbrevenna, 1945. He graduated in law at the University of Genoa, and as a student he began working for Corriere Mercantile.
After graduation and a brief legal traineeship, he began working for Corriere Mercantile and then in1969, for Stampa Sera followed byLa Stampa, and Panorama - as a special envoy – and Secolo XIX.
From 1984 he was director of the weekly publication Il Mondo. In 1987 he moved to Corriere della Sera, where he remained until 1993 as vice,director and then co-director; later he took up the reins as leader at Il Messaggero, until 1996.
After a brief period as leader writer at Corriere della Sera, in 1997 he became Editor-in-Chief of ANSA; from 1999 to 2002 he was director of L'Espresso, after which he became leader writer at the Group's Daily, la Repubblica and vice-president of Finegil.
He was consultant for the Rai 3 television programme Ballarò and from 2005 he directed La Stampa, after which he returned to ANSA, in April 2009, in his capacity as President.
Since 2011 he is President of FIEG (Italian Federation of Publishers and Newspapers), as well as Audipress (an agency for the collection and analysis of data and Italian press circulation), since 2012. He taught Theory and techniques of journalistic language at the LUISS University Guido Carli.


Giuseppe Cerbone Chief Executive Officer
Giuseppe Cerbone

Giuseppe Cerbone has been Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of ANSA since 2008, after a first term served between 1998 and 2002.
He was born in Naples in 1958 and has a degree in Information Science. He specialised in the USA, where he obtained his PhD in Computer Sciences at the Oregon State University and taught Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.
He lived in the USA between 1985 and 1992, during which time he worked with the NASA Ames Research Center and at NeXT Computer, a company created by Steve Jobs.
Upon his return to Italy an initial experience in Research and Development at the IRI-Stet Group was followed by his appointment as General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the Il Sole 24 Ore Group, respectively from 1995 to 1998 and from 2003 until 2005.
For years he has committed himself to research and the spread of technological know-how linked to the economy of knowledge. He was Vice President of the Italian Institute of Technology and Counsellor to the president of the Telecommunications Forum.
Currently he is Vice president of PuntiIT, a non-profit Association for the spread of Internet in Italy and Europe through companies and institutions.


Luigi Contu Editor-in-Chief
Luigi Contu

Luigi Contu Director of the Agency ANSA since June 2009.
He was born in Rome in 1962 and is of Sardinian origin. His career began in the 80s at the economic newspaper Ore 12, after which he collaborated with the ANSA economic newsroom for two years and was hired in 1987.
After three years he moved to the political-parliamentary newsroom where he continued to focus on economy and finance, following the work of parliamentary commissions and the government up close on the public finances front.
In 1997 he took up the reins of the political newsroom and was then nominated the Agency's vice-director, with the task of coordinating political information and relations with the institutional world.
During those years he was first elected secretary and then vice-president of the Parliamentary Press Association.
In 2004 he was summoned to lead the internal affairs newsroom of La Repubblica, until 2009.

Board of Directors 

President Giulio Enrico ANSELMI
Chief Executive Officer Giuseppe CERBONE Members of the board Daniela BRAMATI
Pierpaolo CAMADINI
Massimo Silvio CINCERA
Maurizio COSTA
Francesco Claudio Giovanni DINI
Andrea Leopoldo RIFFESER MONTI
Alessandro ZELGER

Executive Committee 

President Giulio Enrico ANSELMI
Chief Executive Officer Giuseppe CERBONE Members of the board Pierpaolo CAMADINI
Andrea Leopoldo RIFFESER MONTI

Board of Statutory Auditors 

Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors Pier Giorgio CEMPELLA
Statutory Auditors Marco PEVERELLI
Stefano PICCOLO Substitute Auditors Giovanni Antonio BORGINI
Angelo D'ADDIO

Supervisory Board

Members of the Supervisory Board Paolo Maria GEMELLI