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    • 11:59
    • 19 Feb

    Israel hosts east European leaders after summit scrapped

    Netanyahu held back-to-back meeting with Slovakia, Czech,Hungary
    • 20:32
    • 18 Feb

    EU Health Commissioner runs for Lithuania's president

    Andriukaitis, responsible for Xylella, on leave from April
    • 17:47
    • 18 Feb

    Albania: opposition MPs resign en bloc

    Basha, support for transitional government
    • 15:36
    • 18 Feb

    Slovenia: COE approved anti-money laundering measureas

    Country tries to compensate for non-compliance on wire transfers
    • 15:01
    • 18 Feb

    Serbia: progress against money laundering and terrorism

    Moneyval, in no sector the country was assessed as non-complying
    • 13:14
    • 18 Feb

    Poland cancels participation in meeting in Jerusalem

    PM denounced 'racist' remark by Israeli official
    • 13:09
    • 18 Feb

    Visegrad countries' summit in Jerusalem was canceled

    After Poland decided not to go
    • 09:56
    • 18 Feb

    Uproar over Poland comments lingers for Israel's Netanyahu

    Katz, many Poles collaborated with nazis
    • 19:00
    • 17 Feb

    Polish PM cancels Israel visit amid new Holocaust tensions

    Netanyahu made an off-hand comment,'Poles cooperated with Nazis'
    • 15:29
    • 17 Feb

    Kosovo marks 2008 independence with military parade

    Thaci, professional army serves youngest country in the world
    • 15:02
    • 17 Feb

    Merkel defends Iran deal, Pence blasts Europe

    Germany, Britain, France, China, Russia, UE try to keep the deal
    • 14:11
    • 17 Feb

    Iran pressures Europe for more effort to save nuclear deal

    Munich Security Conference. Russia,China and EU to save deal
    • 13:21
    • 16 Feb

    Pence, Iran advocates holocaust, be Ue on our side

    America stronger then ever, leads the world
  1. APTOPIX Albania Opposition
    • 12:22
    • 16 Feb

    Albania: a day of clashes with police in opposition rally

    Tried to enter the building of Prime Minister Edi Rama
    • 12:15
    • 16 Feb

    Merkel defends US stance on Iran

    China at disarmament summit. Scary that Ue car dangerous
    • 20:35
    • 15 Feb

    Kosovo: a new dialogue platform presented to parliament

    Yes to independence,abolition of UN resolution