Latest news Cosenza Chamber of Commerce

    • 15:38
    • 22 Nov

    Comm. Chambers: Algieri at OECD described "Open" revolution

    Cosenza president at 0PSI's 'Innovation Conference talk'
    • 19:43
    • 13 Nov

    Chambers of commerce:Algieri elected chairman of "Si.Camera"

    "I received a broad mandate, greater sense of responsibility"
    • 11:57
    • 07 Nov

    Chamber of Commerce: Cosenza, investment and ideas 4.0

    Contest promoted by Promocosenza to boost innovation
    • 18:55
    • 17 Oct

    Commerce Chambers: Cosenza, accessible, transparent bodies

    Video message from Cantone (Anac). Algieri: always open
    • 12:45
    • 14 Oct

    Commerce Chambers: #OpenCameraCosenza on display in Paris

    Algieri: initiative will be presented at the OECD conference
    • 18:15
    • 11 Oct

    Commerce chambers: Cosenza, multifaceted event in Perugia

    Algieri: we brought to Umbria our value, business and knowledge
    • 15:44
    • 26 Sep

    Commerce Chambers: Cosenza, digital video surveillance

    Entity signed a protocol with business associations
    • 10:06
    • 23 Sep

    Chamber of Commerce: Cosenza, seminar on Electronic Market

    Tues. 26 Sept with Consip on purchases by public administration
    • 17:59
    • 15 Sep

    Commerce Chamber: Cosenza, awards for finest shop windows

    President: in this way we promote businesses and digitization
    • 18:20
    • 01 Sep

    Commerce chambers: Cosenza,awards for best extra-virgin oils

    At''The Gold of the Bruzi'' event. Algieri: commitment continues
    • 11:52
    • 26 Aug

    Commerce Chambers: Cosenza, initiatives to support companies

    Marketing activities and promotion of typical products