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    • 12:18
    • 19 Feb

    Film on NATO bombing in Serbia to begin shooting in March

    Johnny Depp, Nikita Mikhalkov possibly to be involved
    • 12:16
    • 19 Feb

    First Italy-Albania trade mission kicks off in Tirana

    Organised by Confindustria-ICE, 178 companies seeking business
    • 15:19
    • 18 Feb

    Latvian member of European Central Bank detained in probe

    Country has a history as money laundering funnel for Russia
    • 16:54
    • 17 Feb

    Kosovo: 10th independence day, premier thanks Italy

    Haradinaj to ANSA, 'You have always supported us'
    • 14:15
    • 17 Feb

    Migrants: Kurz, Schengen only if borders are secure

    Austria's chancellor spoke in Munich on Saturday
    • 10:32
    • 17 Feb

    Kosovo celebrates a decade of independence from Serbia

    Recognized by 117 countries, not by 5 EU members
    • 20:57
    • 16 Feb

    The Balkans are not our past, but our future

    Gigi Riva, Sarajevo is ''the centre of the world''
    • 16:44
    • 16 Feb

    EU encouraged by steps taken by Greece and FYROM over name

    EU High Representative optimistic on good results soon
    • 16:38
    • 16 Feb

    EU welcomes Kosovo-Montenegro border agreement signature

    Mogherini says is an encouraging sign and a positive step
    • 16:10
    • 16 Feb

    Polish Premier, willing to amend Shoah law

    Some parts could be more precise
    • 13:46
    • 16 Feb

    Mogherini sees a deal between Serbia and Kosovo within 2019

    High Representative says Presidents look for comprehensive deal
    • 13:18
    • 16 Feb

    Mogherini says in 2025 whole W.Balkans' region could join EU

    The horizon date is realistic not only for Serbia and Montenegro
    • 12:44
    • 16 Feb

    Merkel praises Italy on migrants,we have a close cooperation

    Gentiloni in Berlin says less casualties at sea thanks to Italy
    • 19:26
    • 15 Feb

    Western Balkans: EU countries disagree on EU strategy

    Bulgaria and Hungary urged to speed up the process
    • 19:07
    • 15 Feb

    Kosovo: EU thanks prosecutor Schwediman for "excellent work"

    EEAS issued a statement following the announcement of retirement
    • 17:31
    • 15 Feb

    Balkans: Mogherini, working to strengthen EU prospects

    28 EU states and candidate countries to discuss security issues