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    • 13:29
    • 07 Jun

    Theater: Kafka's 'Trial' returns to Prague

    Revisited by the choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti
    • 11:42
    • 07 Jun

    Logistics: Fedriga, Bavarian delegation in Fvg in autumn

    Deal on Porto Trieste-Neuss corridor signed at the Munich fair
    • 11:37
    • 07 Jun

    Venice Boat Show, the Arsenal reconquers the Adriatic Sea

    The fair will address new marinas and customers from the East
    • 20:24
    • 06 Jun

    School: multilingual teaching, soon guidelines and database

    The outcome of the RUSH project, shared by Fvg, Croatia, Spain
    • 17:47
    • 06 Jun

    Nato:Germany,Bundestag approves North Macedonia's membership

    All MPs in favor except AFD
    • 17:24
    • 06 Jun

    East Europe: GDP growth highest ever in Turkey since 2002

    FeBaf, lack of investment in non-conventional sectors
    • 17:02
    • 06 Jun

    Airports: Trieste, new air route to and from Cologne

    Two weekly Eurowings flights starting today until October 24
    • 16:29
    • 06 Jun

    Galateri, central eastern Europe, high GDP growth potential

    President, innovation will drive Generali's growth in the market
    • 14:33
    • 06 Jun

    Pope to meet Putin before Vatican Ukraine meeting

    Ukraine's Greek Catholic Church in Rome on July 5-6
    • 14:01
    • 05 Jun

    Germany says question of reparations to Greece is settled

    Athens' ambassador submitted a formal request Tuesday
    • 13:32
    • 05 Jun

    Bulgaria: nationalists against Gay Pride, 'only one family'

    'No to gay rights, they are against nature and against law'
    • 11:45
    • 05 Jun

    Tens of thousands rally to demand Czech premier resign

    One of biggest demonstrations since Velvet Revolution 1989
    • 20:54
    • 04 Jun

    Macedonian PM Zaev calls on EU leader to open talks

    'We believe in European values more than some Member States'
    • 20:37
    • 04 Jun

    Juncker, ready to defend Skopje for opening EU talks

    'European leaders must take their responsibilities by summer'
    • 19:26
    • 04 Jun

    Cranchi with two best sellers at the Venice Boat Show

    E52S and T55 Eco-Trawler on display at the Arsenale
    • 13:56
    • 04 Jun

    Poland: Cabinet reshuffled after some ministers win EU seats

    Among departing ministries of Interior, Education, deputy PM