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Serbia: 'real' opposition will boycott upcoming elections

Djilas, no press freedom, no conditions toward a democratic vote

03 September, 17:16
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, SEPTEMBER 3 - In Serbia the 'real' opposition parties will certainly boycott the general election scheduled for next spring, said Dragan Djilas, former Belgrade mayor and former head of the Democratic Party (DS), who is currently one of the leaders of the opposition parties gathered in the 'Alliance for Serbia' group. Those who do not boycott the vote, he added, will do so exclusively in defense of their interests and colluding with President Aleksandar Vucic. Cited by the media in Belgrade, Djilas, who recently founded the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), reiterated the allegations that the current leadership lacks democracy, arguing that in Serbia there is no freedom of the press and the basic conditions to guarantee a correct, free and democratic vote are missing. At the same time, the opposition leader rejected the allegations of corruption and use of politics for personal enrichment that President Vucic made against him long ago concerning his past activity as an entrepreneur. He then accused the president and some members of the government of having a lifestyle which no Serbian citizen who gets an average wage could afford to have. (ANSA).

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