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Kosovo: media, Trump soon in Belgrade to find solution

Sen. Johnson in Serbia on Sept. 10 to prepare ground for visit

31 August, 12:55
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, AUGUST - US President Donald Trump will visit Serbia in the coming months with the aim to give a decisive impetus to a permanent solution to the issue of Kosovo. As the Srpski Telegraf daily newspaper reported today, in order to prepare the ground for Trump's visit, Senator Ron Johnson, close collaborator of the president, will arrive in Belgrade on September 10. ''Trump - the daily said citing unspecified diplomatic sources - does not have many people he fully trusts, and Johnson is one of them''. In recent months, efforts have multiplied to find a solution to the issue of Kosovo, and according to Belgrade-based media, the US would not want to miss the opportunity to end this thorny dispute in the Balkans, fearing that otherwise a dangerous instability could be caused in the region, thus favouring Russia. (ANSA).

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