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Paradise Papers: Serbian Innovation Minister is involved

Popovic admits owning properties but denies tax heavens

07 November, 16:11
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, NOV. 7 - Serbian media today give great emphasis to the fact that Minister for Innovation and Technological Development, Nenad Popovic, is involved in the so-called Paradise Papers, documents that reveal the connections between dozens of politicians, businessmen and entertainment companies and offshore companies registered in countries considered as tax heavens. According to some documents cited by 'Krik', an independent organization of journalists who are active in the fight against corruption and crime, Popovic, a leader of the Snp, openly pro-Russian party, could have made financial transactions amounting to over $ 100 million through offshore companies based in Hong Kong and Man Island. The minister denied this circumstance. ''All of my companies are registered in Russia and Europe. It is very important that, as a government official, I have declared all of my companies to the Serbian Anti-Corruption Agency'', Popovic said, local media reported. ''I'm not ashamed of my material situation'', he added, ''I've never hidden my properties, but I gained everything legally, through my work and commitment over the last 25 years, long before I became a minister''. According to local media, other Serbian entrepreneurs and businessmen are included in the Paradise Papers. (ANSA).

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