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Sport: 'Corsa della Bora', races in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia

Trails from 8, 21, up to 57 and 167 km, for 1000 athletes

06 November, 16:29
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, NOV. 6 - There is someone who may run 243 kilometers all at once, but on 6 January 6, for the 3rd edition of 'Corsa della Bora', the trails will be four: 8, 21 , 57 and 167 kilometers. The event was presented at the Trieste City Hall. The trails - the organizers said - (and 5 additional competitive events) will involve Trieste, Slovenia and Croatia and "will attract a thousand athletes who are going to stay in the city for some days", said organizer Tommaso de Mottoni. Trieste will therefore become the epicenter of winter trailrunning, with the aim of promoting the idea that winter is not only the season of snow, even in the coldest period of the year.

The event is organized by ASD SentieroUno and brings some novelties this year: the new 8-km trail, in addition to events taking place in Trieste and Slovenia. The enrollment period is almost over (the maximum number of participants has already been reached) and athletes from 20 countries are going to take part in the trailrunning races.

Collaterally, there will be entertainment events, pasta-party gourmet booths and a post-race physiotherapy point. The trails will run accross 3 natural reserves and will be supervised by 350 volunteers. (ANSA).

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