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Oil: Siot celebrates 50 years, aiming to set new records

753km pipeline from Trieste to Bavaria,55mln investment per year

06 October, 13:25
(ANSA) - INGOLSTADT (GERMANY) - The trans-alpine Siot Pipeline (Tal Group), which is 753km long, from Trieste to the heart of Europe, Bavaria, celebrates its 50 years, aiming to set new records. ''Last year we carried a record high amount of oil, that is 41.4mn, equivalent to 100% of Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg requirements, 90% of Austria and 50% of the Czech Republic. In 2017, we are planning to overcome the 41mn threshold and set new records'', said Alessio Tilli, president of Tal Group, at the 50th anniversary ceremony in Ingolsttadt (Germany), in the presence of the Prime Minister of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, the President of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Debora Serracchiani, and Italian Ambassador to Germany Pietro Benassi. ''We have over 5,000 working hours per day, and we did not have any accident or loss of product and this result in terms of security is very satisfactory'', added Tilli, pointing out that the group dedicates each year more than 55mn euros to investments and maintenance of plants in Italy, Austria and Germany. The Tal Group (a cross-border consortium owned by some of the world's leading oil companies: OMV, Shell, Eni, BP, Rosneft, ExxonMobil, C-Blue Limited, MERO, Phillips 66 / Jet Tankstellen and Total), in 2016 has totalled a 140mn euro turnover and a 7 million net profit, 218 employees.. In the last 50 years it has delivered 1.4bn tons of crude oil, equal to the EU's 5-year oil consumption or Italy's 20-year consumption. The Tal - emphasized Lilli - is ''the tangible fulfillment of the idea of Europe. The pipeline is an infrastructure that has allowed some countries that have been hit with a terrible war, to come together under the aegis of Europe not only in terms of economic growth, but also of social and moral improvement. Tal Group - Lilli added - is today a European company made up of ten shareholders from nine countries, from Russia to the United States''. ''Today - said the Italian ambassador to Germany, Pietro Benassi - we celebrate an Italian, German and European recurrence. We are facing big challenges - he continued - Italy and Germany, along with France, can give great impetus to European integration''. ''The Port of Trieste - said Zeno D'Agostino, Chairman of the Northern Adriatic System Port Authority, attending a round table along with Lilli, Michael Bucker, member of the Board of management at Bayern LB, and Ferdinand Neuwieser, Managing Director of TUeV SUeD Industrie - is now working for Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, but also the UK and Scandinavia. We have recorded a big growth in recent years, from 4,500 trains in 2014 to 9,000 in 2017''. (ANSA).

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