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Science: Trieste, youth from 15 countries, willing to lear

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19 April, 17:08
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 19 APR - To develop the knowledge and skills of research centers, such as Elettra and INFN in Trieste, making sure that they step out of the laboratories and turn themselves into real uses in everyday life, is the goal that led AREA Science Park, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, INFN Trieste (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) to organize #AttractYoung, a 'hackathon' between high school and university students or PhDs, in order to respond to social challenges by using technological solutions. This initiative involves many countries, including Eastern Europe, and 65 young people aged between 18 and 30 responded to the call, all European students, but originating in 15 countries (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Albania, Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Brazil). The largest group, after the Italian group, is made up of students from Slovenia. ''At the scientific level, Trieste is already working hard with Eastern European countries'', explained Marco Peloi, Elettra Sincrotrone's Industrial Liaison Office manager, among the organizers of the event, which is part of the CERI consortium, including the infrastructure of many eastern European countries. ''There is a close cooperation: in recent years, many eastern European countries are developing state-of-the-art research infrastructures, aiming to enhance cutting edge research. The community of scientists work together, with an exchange that makes it possible to exploit the skills and complementarities in order to encourage growth at all levels''. This principle will be declined in the 'hackhathon' at the Congress Centre of the Science Park Area in the Padriciano campus in Trieste. The young participants will be divided into ten interdisciplinary groups led by ten coaches and technology experts from 9 European countries. These groups will bring ideas and experiences together to identify concrete projects to be developed. The most innovative idea, which will be selected by an international panel made up of experts, physicists, anthropologists, designers, in order to be developed with funding whose research is already underway. The event is also part of the side events prior to the EuroScience Open Forum which will be held in Trieste (European City of Science ) in July 2020. (ANSA).

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