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Culture: from Trieste, Andric exhibition in Brussels

Organised on Serbian writer's 125th birthday

03 October, 17:22
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, OCT. 3 - An initiative organised on Serbian writer Ivo Andric's 125th birthday took the first steps in Trieste. That is a biographical exhibition dedicated to the multifaceted personality that will be set up in Brussels on 18 and 19 October. The event, which is part of the 'Cross the border' festival, was presented today at CEI headquarters by organizers: 'Cizeruno' and 'Giuliani nel mondo' associations. Andric was born in Dolac (Bosnia) on October 9, 1892, and his life represented a cultural bridge between Belgrade - the city where he wrote his masterpieces - Trieste - where he moved and started his diplomatic career - and Brussels, where he worked as a renowned diplomat. The initiative took the first steps in Trieste because the Cizerouno association had set up there the biographical exhibition in 2011 - which then became itinerant and finally arrived in Brussels after being on display in several European cities - and organized an international study conference in 2012. Moreover, Serbian writer was celebrated through the publication of a general bibliography of works and writings, by Matica Srpska in Novi Sad (Serbia), numerous workshops, exhibitions, shows. This new exhibition will be open at the Serbian Mission at the EU on October 18 and the following day will be moved to the Fvg Region's headquarters in Brussels. Both events will be attended by Serbian Ambassador Ana Hrustanovic. ''Nowadays the CEI - said Erik Csernovitz, deputy secretary of the organization - includes 18 European member countries, and 250mn citizens. Many of these countries are somehow linked to Andric because he has lived, worked or written there, and his activity has paved the way to the CEI that, following on his footsteps, intends to create valuable ties and bridges between peoples. He was a true Europeanist'', he underlined. (ANSA).

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