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Cranchi with two best sellers at the Venice Boat Show

E52S and T55 Eco-Trawler on display at the Arsenale

04 June, 19:26
(ANSA) - VENICE - Two of Cranchi's best sellers, E52S and T55 Eco-Trawler, will be exhibited in Venice, during the Boat Show (June, 18-23). Cranchi yachts are produced in factories where the construction of pleasure boats combine with the highest level of automation and they will be on display at the Arsenale, that is in the heart of the naval industry of the Serenissima Republic, which was able to dominate the Mediterranean for centuries. "Venice thus is still able to host an international trade fair focusing on boating and confirms the importance of the Upper Adriatic Sea for the yachting sector", said the managers of the shipyard, which is based in the Marano lagoon (Udine), where Cranchi created a Marine Test Center. In the center, the whole range is available all year round for sea trials and a dock offers services to tow, launch and refit yachts, even large ones". These facilities, located in the northernmost part of the Northern Adriatic Sea, are strategic to serve not only the Italian market, but also central European and Balkan regions, and benefits from the presence of good transport infrastructure and logistic hubs, such as Venice airport and the ports of Marghera and Trieste, which link this area to the whole world.


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