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Macedonia, summit on IPA 2013 Western Balkans project

Interior Minister Spasovski and project manager Porzio

27 September, 12:16
(ANSA) - SKOPJE (MACEDONIA) - Summit between Macedonian Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski and Project manager of IPA Balcani 2013, Prefect Annapaola Porzio. The meeting took place on the eve of the closing of the first phase of the project that will take place in Trieste on 24 October. The meeting, which was attended by the Italian ambassador to Skopje Carlo Romeo, focused in particular on the anti-corruption program of the new Macedonian government and the results of the IPA 2013 Western Balkans project in Macedonia. The project, which was started in July 2014, has a strong focus on cooperation between the Italian police and their counterpart in the Balkan countries. The plan envisaged joint training actions in addition to collaboration in investigation activities on subjects of common interest, such as the fight against organised crime, trafficking in drugs, arms and human beings, terrorism terrorism and financial crimes. ''I am very pleased with the results obtained so far - said the Prefect Porzio - and above all the fact that in recent years we have been able to work together with the police of the 6 countries, all committed to creating a team. A heritage of men and knowledge that will remain in the future and will also be a good starting point for co-operation between the countries on these matters''. Among the results from the project are: three investigations awarded as the best ones by SELEC South East European Law Enforcement Centre in Bucharest; numerous 'significant' arrests, including some fugitives. Moreover, a huge number of confiscated goods and many seizures of arms and drugs. (ANSA).

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