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Kosovo: Cuoci (Kfor), it will take 10 years to form an army

Italian General, 'a complex process that will take a long time'

15 June, 10:42
(ANSA) - PRISTINA - According to Italian major general Salvatore Cuoci, Kfor commander (Kfor is the Nato-led peacekeeping mission in Kosovo), the potential transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into a real regular army will be a long and complex process and it may take ten years. Participating in a broadcast interview conducted by Kosovar KTV, Cuoci said this is not a simple process that can be achieved overnight. ''At any rate, when the decision is made, it will take at least ten years to form the army, it's not just a matter of transformation or transition, but it's mainly a matter of armaments, military supplies, training, skill''. Nato, the major general underlined, supports the creation of an army in Kosovo provided, however, that it takes place with the necessary amendments to the constitution of Kosovo. Serbia is strongly opposed to the creation of a Kosovar army, since its government does not recognize Kosovo's independence. (ANSA).

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