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Italy among those less enthusiastic about the EU, only 42%

Second Eurobarometer survey conducted in early June

12 July, 17:34
(ANSA) - BRUSSELS, 12 JULY - Only 42% of Italians are enthusiastic about the EU against 68% of the EU average, according to the latest Eurobarometer survey commissioned by the European Parliament in early June, immediately after the elections. As for pro-EU feeling, Italy is, therefore, the last country in the ranking. The Bulgarians are the second last, following the British. The most enthusiastic are Lithuanians with 91%. The first results of the Eurobarometer survey also reveal that the 2019 European elections recorded a significant increase in the number of young people who expressed a vote in favor of the EU. "In the last election, citizens have voted on the basis of very strong support for the EU and with a stronger conviction that their voice would be heard", said European parliament president David Sassoli. The overall turnout in the European elections of 2019 increased by 8%, reaching 50.6%, that is the highest turnout since 1994 and marked, for the first time since 1979, a turnaround in the participation in the European elections. The most important increases were recorded in Poland (up 22%), Romania (up 19%), Spain (up 17%), Austria (up15%) and Hungary (up 14%). According to the Eurobarometer survey, the turnout increased thanks to young people and citizens who voted for the first time. Moreover, 42% of citizens aged 16-24 answered they took part in the EU-wide election. Youth participation increased by 50% compared to 2014 when it was only 28%. A 34% increase was recorded in turnout in the 25-39 age group (up 12%). The participation of young people and those who voted for the first time exceeds the turnout increases recorded in other age groups. (ANSA).

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