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Czech Rep.: low unemployment attracts foreign graduates

Rate at 2.9%, strong interest from Greece

24 July, 16:35
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, 24 LUG - Every month 150 to 200 Greek graduates look for work in the Czech Republic, according to a report of Radio Praha, in a feature dedicated to the Czech labour market.

Radio Praha recalled that the unemployment rate in the Czech Republic, currently at 2.9 percent, is the lowest in the European Union and in the last 22 years in the country. According to the Labour office statistics, at this stage there are ten vacancies per graduate, a situation that is "attracting young people from Greece, Italy or Spain to the Czech Republic," Radio Praha underlined, adding that the Czech Republic ranks third in Europe for job opportunities for graduates.

"There are currently 300,000 job vacancies on the labour market and in the case of 70,000 job offers lack of experience is not considered a drawback," Labour Office spokesman Martin Backovski said, quoted by Radio Praha. (ANSA).

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