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Czech Rep.:coalition falters,Onderka could leave the cabinet

A no-confidence motion is possible

17 June, 12:51
(ANSA) - PRAGUE, JUNE 17 - Within the week the social democrats (CSSD) will decide whether or not to remain in the Czech Republic government with Andrej Babis (ANO), the prime minister under investigation for EU fraud. The CSSD vice-president Roman Onderka anticipated last weekend that he would not leave the government until Babis is convicted.

The center-right opposition announced its intention to propose a no-confidence motion, but they do not have enough votes to do it. Onderka told the TV Prima that the CSSD was going to continue its program within the coalition including Babis' movement in order not to leave the field free for the extremists of Liberty and direct democracy (SPD) led by Tomio Okamura, which could replace the CSSD. The minority government gained confidence in Parliament in July 2018, thanks to the tacit support of the Communists (KSCM).

Since the CSSD entered the government coalition with ANO, the number of its supporters has been declining. In the European elections, the CSSD did not exceed the 5% threshold. (ANSA).

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