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Galateri, central eastern Europe, high GDP growth potential

President, innovation will drive Generali's growth in the market

06 June, 16:29
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, JUNE 6- "Central-Eastern Europe has the highest growth potential in Europe", said Gabriele Galateri di Genola, President of Generali Group, during the 'Trieste-Eastern Europe Investment Forum' organized by FeBaf (Federation of insurance and finance banks) and Mib Trieste school of management. The president of the insurance company pointed out that "industrial production and domestic consumption are supporting the economic growth in the eastern regions, significantly exceeding the rates in Western Europe. It is estimated that the increase in GDP in the central and eastern European countries will range from 2.2% in the Czech Republic to 4.5% in Hungary this year, in conjunction with fiscal stability and low inflation. This context supports employment, wage growth, private savings, investment, and public finances", Galateri added. Speaking of Generali, the president explained that the company's expansion "in Eastern European markets will be mainly driven by innovation, especially in terms of digitalization and connectivity". In those markets, he added, "the role played by digital transformation will be as crucial as in any other area.

Indeed, it will probably be even more crucial than ever in the future. The rapid growth of these economies, in conjunction with unemployment rates close to zero and rising wages, is pushing companies to change their models and enhance and reward skilled labor. Generali - he said - is a leading company in terms of digital transformation in the insurance industry in Central and Eastern Europe and represents an innovative source of propulsion for the entire economy and society". (ANSA).

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