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Slovakia, Czechia, Latvia voting in European elections

In Bratislava far-right party could win EU seats for first time

25 May, 16:11
(ANSA-AP) - BELGRADE, 25 MAG - Voters in Slovakia, Malta, Latvia and the Czech Republic are casting ballots in European Parliament elections, which are taking place over four days and involve all 28 EU nations.

The Czech Republic started voting Friday and continues Saturday. Slovakia, Malta and Latvia are holding their European Parliament elections Saturday - and all the other nations vote Sunday. Results are expected Sunday night.

Polls favor the leftist Smer-Social Democracy party, the senior member of Slovakia's current coalition government to win the most votes. Polls suggest People's Party Our Slovakia, a far-right party that has 14 seats in Slovakia's parliament, will win seats in the European legislature for the first time. Party members use Nazi salutes, blame Roma for crime, consider NATO a terror group and want the country out of the alliance and the European Union.

Polls suggest that the ruling ANO party could win in the Czech Republic. (ANSA-AP).

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