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Venice Boat Show, the Arsenal reconquers the Adriatic Sea

The fair will address new marinas and customers from the East

07 June, 11:37
(ANSA) - VENICE - The Arsenal of Venice was the largest state-owned factory in Europe as far back as the 1200s and now with the Boat Show (18-23 June) in the huge shipyard of the Serenissima, the claim of the event is "the industry returns home". The Venetian boat show is a meaningful event not only in terms of economy, tourism, and sport but also in terms of culture and history. Venice and its ancient propulsive center still challenge the Adriatic Sea and the ancient corridor that led from Venice to Istanbul is reopening, but now the mission is nautical tourism. The Adriatic Sea is increasingly popular among those who own pleasure boats, even large ones. The new marinas in the Veneto-Friulano Gulf, Slovenia, Croatia, and Greece are ready to meet the needs of important shipowners. The tourist marinas are infrastructures that favor the economic growth of the territories and countries that face the sea. In this respect, the Adriatic Sea offers a lot of new opportunities to shipyards that cater to Eastern European customers who see Venice as a historic landmark. On the Adriatic shores, moreover, you can find numerous production sites: the Ferretti Group was founded in Forlì and is now based in Ancona; Montecarlo Yacht is based in Monfalcone, Solaris in Aquileia, Del Pardo in Forli, Eleva and Carbon Line in Fano, Fincantieri unit that builds pleasure boats in Monfalcone, the Vittoria shipyard, in Polesine, which produces a wide range, including military vessels and pleasure boats. The nautical industry is still alive in the Adriatic Sea.

Therefore, the Adriatic Sea deserves its own showcase, which does not want to compete with other Boat Shows across the country but intends to offer new opportunities within markets that are opening up these days. (ANSA).

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