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Bosnia President, overcome Dayton without external aid

Komsic to ANSA New Europe, agreement politics and religion

08 October, 13:16

(by Stefano Giantin and Beniamino Pagliaro)


President Komsic , at the opening of the South East Europe Media Forum you seemed very critical toward Europe and toward Brussels's attitude with regard to Bosnia, concerning in particular pressures to speed up compliance with Sejdic-Finci judgment. Why?

The EU does not ask Bosnia too much, I would say the EU asks for nothing. Europe just does not ask us to reach some EU standards in the field of human rights: that's the problem.

Don't you think it's time to overcome Dayton Accords?

We have to. And this must happen through an internal agreement between our country 's political and religious leaders. An internal agreement without - quote, unquote - external aid, without an international conference. We have to do it ourselves.

Do you consider the ruling class which is presently in power in Bosnia able to go one step further?

No, they are not. We'd better wait. A process of democratization is ongoing, we have to wait for new leaders.

In the meantime, various think-tanks have defined Bosnia as a semi-functional state, if not almost failed. What do you think about these attitudes?

And who is to blame? Who asked us something? When foreign officials ask us, 'what can we do for you', my answer is 'do not support political parties, but support a system of values, your system of values'. And this is the message I launch to European and American politicians.

Those who observe Bosnia from the outside are often worried about the country's entirety, which is threatened by Republika Srpska ? Do these threats have only a political and internal meaning?

I think they hide something deeper, which is more dangerous for Bosnia.

Something dangerous because the Bosnian Serbs do not yet feel part of the country?

This feeling can be ascribed to Republika Srpska's élite , but not to common people. I believe in all peoples of Bosnia, the Serbs, the Croats, the Bosniaks, I believe in all those who are usually called 'the others'. (ANSA).

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