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Sea: 100 companies come together for innovation, Fvg leader

Entities from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Albania, Romania and Cyprus

27 August, 13:19
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, AUG 27 - The companies involved in the innovation project promoted by Blue NET - Maritime Clusters Network for Blue Growth are almost one hundred. The initiative, funded by the European Fund, is coordinated by the Maritime Technology Cluster of Friuli Venezia Giulia (leading partner), along with the Bugarian Marine Cluster, the Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean Sea of Cyprus, the Union of Romanian river ports and the Faculty of Mechanical and Naval Engineering of the University of Zagreb.

The project, which was developed in 6 countries - Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Albania, Romania, Croatia - and launched two years ago, has involved 96 companies, who made their contribution by coming up with 145 groundbreaking ideas in 8 specific sectors. Blue NET established an operational network of maritime clusters in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea area, sharing best practices among clusters. The initiatives have also created the basis for an international innovation network.

In the final stage, the partners are also carrying out events to disseminate their results and activities, aiming to engage not only their own territory, but also neighbouring countries, in order to expand the innovation sharing network among companies.


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