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Expo: 10 million in trade with China

'Food, fashion, entertainment and football', director

30 November, 18:44
(ANSA) - MILAN, NOVEMBER 30 - Trade between Italy and China brought in during the six months of Expo Milano 2015 thanks to the China Corporate United Pavilion (CCUP) totaled 10 million euros, said pavilion director Wang Hui during a gala dinner held by the Chinese liquor brand Wuliangye.

''Our aim,'' he said, ''was to create an efficient platform bringing together Chinese and Italian businesses. And we succeeded with over 250 events including many B2B and 10 million euros in contracts.'' The sectors included food, wine and fashion, Hui said, ''but we also discovered Italian firms' ability to produce machines for fun parks, and we established the foundations for partnerships with some football companies.'' Hui did not want to go into the details, ''since some aspects still need to be decided'', but announced that ''a company from Perugia will soon go to China to visit some of our fun parks''.

On the issue of football, ''seeing as our teams are not doing very well at the moment, we are convinced that we can learn a lot from Italy and we are keeping an eye on such teams as Inter and Juventus as well smaller ones like Pavia Calcio, the head of which is my friend Xiaodong Zhu. President Xi Jinping loves Italian football very much, and this gives us hope.'' While Expo Milano 2015 was a positive experience, the Dubai 2020 Games are ahead for the CCUP.

''First we want to raise awareness on Chinese culture,'' Hui said, ''since we understood, thanks to the Milan experience, that the link between business activities and cultural exchange is fundamental. This is why, before thinking about our pavilion, we are working on the opening of a Chinese Culture Institute that will raise awareness in Dubai about our tea traditions, Kung Fu and our shows.'' (ANSA).

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