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    • 17:05
    • 25 May

    Poland new Supreme Court chief accused of political bias

    Over affiliation with right-wing government
    • 13:54
    • 25 May

    Energy: Eastern countries, support for investment in gas

    Eight states ask to consider it a source of transition
    • 20:41
    • 23 May

    Austria greenlighted Germany-Italy corridor for tourists

    They can cross the country without stopping
    • 13:30
    • 22 May

    Greece extends migrant camp lockdown

    It was imposed on March 17
    • 12:54
    • 22 May

    Coronavirus: Slovenia prevents Italians from crossing border

    According to RAI. More patrols on the Trieste Karst
    • 17:20
    • 21 May

    Hungary to close migrant 'transit zone' camps

    After "unfortunate" EU's top court ruling, government said
    • 16:39
    • 21 May

    Autria: Kurz, we will not open to those who have no control

    Safe holidays in Austria, we will do everything to prove it
    • 13:02
    • 21 May

    Euregio:Fvg,Carinthia, and Veneto together to revive economy

    In phase 2. Pressures to restart the tourist season
    • 11:59
    • 21 May

    Poland: Katyn massacre has become a 'lie' for the Russians

    Removed plaque commemorating Polish officers killed by Stalin
    • 16:13
    • 20 May

    EU framework for Albania-Macedonia negotiations in June

    Varhelyi, report on Balkan progress postponed due to Coronavirus
    • 20:09
    • 19 May

    Coronavirus: 4 Balkan countries reopen borders from June 1st

    Meetings focused on economic recovery and EU collaboration
    • 18:37
    • 19 May

    Tourism: Fedriga, "corridors" to rule out Italy are unfair

    Plan to prevent northern tourists from passing through Italy
    • 11:59
    • 14 May

    EU Court of Justice, release migrants at Hungarian border

    Placing of asylum seekers in transit zone is "detention"
    • 11:17
    • 14 May

    President Fvg regional Council, deals with homogeneous areas

    Even in tourism, to avoid a clash between the poorest countries
    • 18:37
    • 13 May

    Media: Primorski Dnevnik,75 years, Slovenia's voice in Italy

    Mattarella,minorities favor dialogue.Pahor,we'll remove barriers
    • 15:24
    • 13 May

    Hungary's Orban snubs European parliament debate invite

    PM, "fight against the epidemic consumes all my energy"