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    • 10:15
    • 31 Oct

    Terrorism: EU agreement on cooperation with Kosovo

    Joint action plan on foreign fighters and money laundering
    • 10:07
    • 29 Oct

    Albania's President, let's resume Kosovo-Serbia dialogue

    'Pristina has the right to an army, but it is a gradual process'
    • 10:09
    • 11 Oct

    Kosovo: coalition government, between the two major parties

    Kurti (Self-determination), alliance with LDK
    • 18:11
    • 09 Oct

    Kosovo:Kurti, the new government whould exclude Srpska Lista

    Election winner, let's prepare ourselves to dialogue with the EU
    • 13:36
    • 09 Oct

    Representatives of 9 Med countries gather for land rights

    Meeting in Torrecuso
    • 13:33
    • 09 Oct

    Red Star banned from playing match in Kosovo

    Prishtina said the planned match represents a provocation
    • 20:30
    • 08 Oct

    EU ready to resume dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia

    Mogherini-Hahn call on all parties to work for country's future
    • 19:50
    • 07 Oct

    EU, reforms and dialogue wait for new Kosovo's government

    Increasing turnout is 'good' for democracy
    • 10:49
    • 07 Oct

    Kosovo: two opposition parties leading in snap elections

    Kurti’s Vetevendosje with 25.74%, followed by LDK with 25.
    • 23:29
    • 04 Oct

    Kosovo holds general elections, outcome uncertain

    All major parties run for victory, focus on dialogue with Serbia
    • 11:32
    • 04 Oct

    Pompeo in Montenegro as Trump impeachment inquiry picks up

    To show support for the NATO ally in the Balkans
    • 19:34
    • 28 Sep

    Balkans: study, almost 600,000 buy tobacco on black market

    More than 300 million euros evaded annually due to smuggling
    • 18:38
    • 27 Sep

    Kosovo: Macron,after the election,engagement in the dialogue

    A brief meeting in NY with Serbian Foreign Minister Dacic
    • 12:18
    • 26 Sep

    EP renew its support to visa liberalisation for Kosovo

    Decision must be confirmed by Plenary, EU States still divided
    • 20:46
    • 18 Sep

    Serbia: PM to Merkel, investment flow should be enhanced

    Brnabic in Berlin, the EU remains the country's strategic goal
    • 20:45
    • 11 Sep

    Czech leader wants to revoke Kosovo's recognition

    Idea was dismissed by the country's foreign minister