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San Casciano bronzes to be shown at Quirinale - culture min

Ancient Roman bronzes to go on tour before returning home

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 9 - An extraordinary collection of ancient Roman bronze statues discovered at a Tuscan spa last year is to be put on show at the Quirinale presidential palace at the beginning of May, Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano said Monday.
    He said the statues, which have been likened to the world-famous Riace Bronzes, would go on tour around Italy like them before finding a permanent site at the spa town, San Casciano.
    "We will hold a major exhibition at the Quirinale with the San Casciano bronzes, which I hope will open in early May", Sangiuliano, said on Quante Storie on Rai3.
    "The ministry - he said - is acquiring a building in San Casciano to put them on display, but first I would like to make them travel.
    "For example in my (native) Naples, in Milan, in Venice, before they go to their definitive location".
    Sangiuliano also said that "the experts are restoring these finds" and that "in May we will start digging again and probably find more".
    The Riace Bronzes, ancient Greek warrior statues that are one of the paramount sculptural achievements of the ancient world, went on a sell-out tour of Italy before finding a permanent home in their native Reggio Calabria. (ANSA).


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