Expo expects 20 million visitors - Sala

One in four active Italians visiting, Sala says

(ANSA) - Milan, September 30 - Expo Milan special commissioner Giuseppe Sala stopped short of declaring the universal exposition an outright "success" Wednesday but predicted attendance "will reach 20 million people".
    Speaking on "Radio Anch'io" radio Sala said "let's keep our feet on the ground, prudence is needed, there is still a month to manage".
    "But I believe we will reach around 20 million people. The word success is not just about the numbers. If we consider the active Italian population, 13-14 million of those 20 million (visitors) are Italian. That means that one Italian in four has visited Expo".
    "This never happened in the history of Italy just as it never happened before that 55 heads of state came to Italy within six months".
    Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia for his part said that was important now was that the "after Expo" be managed by "a capable person with extraordinary powers".
    "Last week with (Lombardy regional) president (Roberto) Maroni we formally requested the entry into the Government of the Arexpo company".


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