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Atletico Madrid medic called in for pope's knee

José María Villalón confident Francis can be helped

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 21 - Dr. José María Villalón, the head of Spanish soccer giants Atletico Madrid's medical services, has been called in to help Pope Francis with a long-standing knee problem, the COPE radio network of the Spanish Episcopal Conference has reported on its portal.
    The pope frequently has to use a wheelchair or a walking stick because of the problem.
    COPE said Villalón has been called in to see if he can offer solutions that do not involve surgery.
    The pope is "a very charming patient and a very stubborn one in the sense that he does not want certain surgical proposals", COPE quoted Villalón as saying.
    He said he felt "nervous" about the "responsibility" of getting a "world figure" back in shape.
    He said that there were extra difficulties because Francis is not an ordinary patient and has a busy schedule of activities.
    "But I am optimistic," he said. "The pope can be helped".


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