Thought talk of race was over (3)

Church doesn't make political deals, must ease 'rancour'

(ANSA) - Rome, January 22 - Italian Bishops Conference (CEI) President Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti said Monday "we thought talk of (the white) race had been buried for good" after League Lombardy governor candidate Attilio Fontana recently said migrants threatened the white race. Bassetti said "every Christian is called to go towards (migrants) with an attitude of understanding and compassion" because "we are one human family".
    In other remarks, Bassetti urged bishops to try to help "mend a country that is marked by social rancour".
    He said the bishops must try to "rebuild hope and bring peace to society".
    Ahead of the march 4 general election, Bassetti reiterated that the Catholic Church in Italy is not a political party and doesn't make deals with parties. "Talking (to politicians) is not negotiating, and we seek the common good for all," he said.


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