Some of Curia's illnesses cured - pope

Francis promises reforms will continue with 'determination'

(ANSA) - Vatican City, December 21 - Pope Francis said Monday some of the ailments of the Roman Curia have been tackled in the year that is about to end as he gave this Christmas greetings to the central body though which he manages the Catholic Church. Last year, as he gave his Christmas greetings to the body, the pope gave a list of the Curia's illnesses. "Some of the illnesses manifest this year have led to sincere reflexion and decisive measures," the pope said.
    "The reform will continue with determination, lucidity and resolution". The Vatican was recently hit by the so-called Vatileaks 2 scandal over the leaking of confidential Holy See documents and the relation publication of two books documenting alleged Vatican waste and mismanagement and lavish spending by clergymen. The Vatican said the revelations are unsensational because the pope's reforms of the Church have rendered them out of date.
    Francis on Monday also gave the Roman Curia a catalogue of necessary virtues, including a letter-by-letter analysis of 'misericordia,' the Italian word mercy, including M for "missionaryness", R for "respectness" and A for "affidabilità" (reliability).
    He added that he was a vice for neologisms.
    "It would ne a great injustice not to express deep-felt gratitude and duty-bound encouragement to the healthy and honest people who work with dedication, devotion, loyalty and professionalism, offering the Church and Peter's successor with the comfort of their solidarity and obedience, as well as their generous prayers," Francis said.
    "Illnesses and scandals cannot hide the efficiency of the services that the Curia offers".


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